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mah friend wrote this to me today, so sweet!


My Tina, sweet Tina,
My smart-ass old friend,
Has it really been 11 years?
Do you remember how it all began?

We met at Coleman,
Bushy eyebrows and all...
Jessie was a cute kid sister
And Chelsea was oh so small.

Your days of Smashing Pumkins,
Your nights of Depeche Mode,
Although it's still your passion,
Your tastes have surely grown.

After that year, we went to Plant
With the jocks, preps, and whores
We were really the coolest;
We never had dirty mouth sores!

Then there was Ms. Peters
(her sweaty back and all)
With her taunting "good mornin's"
And her over-use of "yall"

Mr. Dyer was the best,
Handing out passes left and right
He probably doesn't remember what he taught
Since I've seen him @ ABC twice in one night

Our humid Friday night games
In '98, they were 0 and 10
I still don't know the "Fight Song"
And I will never wear gold and black again

Mr. Keen, our chain-smoking teacher,
Yelling at us to shut the hell up
We'd just sit there and smirk
We were sure there was whiskey in his cup.

In band, we were the bosses!
(Though most of them never knew)
You know they wished to be like us,
Those rare and lucky few.

We went through bad boyfriends
('Bout time that phase has passed)
We're lucky we learned how to do better
We're lucky those assholes are in the past!

Looking back, we learned alot
Thinking about all those years
And out of the whole bunch of us,
You never showed any fears.

You're similar to how you were then,
Smart-assed, gorgeous and strong
When will I see you again, old friend?
We both know it's been too long.

thats officially the nicest (and funniest!) thing anyone has ever written about me.  Kim's one of my most favorite friends ever.  She just recently got there, hehehe.
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