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ponytail girl

June 2010

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good morning kids.  or something like that.

It's SO HOT HERE.  I officially hate El Paso.  Not that I already didn't, but this just reinforces it.  It's been right around 95-100F the past few days.  We have NO A.C.  Only a swamp cooler.  It doesnt work too well when it gets as hot as it is.  If I wasn't moving to Utah already I would seriously consider it.  I just can't deal with this heat much longer. Im fragile.  :)

This weekend was pretty slow.  I did my show on Friday and had a decent time.  Not as good of numbers as last week, but decent.  I've got a bunch of groupies over in the Zootopian forums, and thats just fine with me. 

Im sure everyone has heard about the drama on LJ about the breastfeeding icons.  Here's my opinion

Okay so the problem is what?  At first I was just as annoyed as everyone else, but then I thought about it.  How many times have I seen an icon or photo that (ramiah and I laughed at) showed way too much TMI?  All the time.  Its not really a breastfeeding icon.  It's more of a LOOK AT ME!!11 I CAN BOOBIEFEED11!! LOOK AT MAH BOOBAGE AND BABY HANGING OFF IT!!  I don't want to see your boobs.  Sure breast feeding is natural, and I love it (no bottles, no formula, no nothing... and its really cool too).  But come on.  Would I flash you?  I guess Im just not a "good enough" breastfeeder on the Interw00bs because I feel the need to cover up.  I don't want strangers checking out mah boobage uncovered. So you won't see any iconage out of me.  Boobs is boobs.  I don't want to look at them while Im surfing LJ and Im sure other people feel the same.

Stupid boobnazis.

Im having serious anxiety about the move, only because we have so much to do and no time to do it.  One of the houses I was looking into - well, the only house.  The other is a condo.  The guy was a moron to my dad.  He wanted us to drop 2500 for us to move in, with the idea we would buy the place.  It was small and he wasn't even including the garage in the deal.  And NO WASHER AND DRYER HOOKUPS!  What, is he NUTS?  Heck no, Im not living in a place that doesnt have a W&D unless it's a palace.  He irriated me with how he treated my dad, like he was stupid or something.    So he's going to look at the condo tomorrow, which I liked much better.  No yard or anything like that, but it does have a loft Im considering turning into either my room or a playroom.  And we've got a yard about 20 minutes away and grandma and grandpas, with a pool and hot tub and swingset and trampoline and probably soon horses.  So he can whine all he wants about leaving his playground, it will go to a good home. :-D

I need to accomplish something but it's soooo hot.  And I like to whine.  Someone come help me clean my house.  :p


Oh wow. That would really suck to not have an air conditioner is 100 degree weather! I would die.

About the boob icons - I really don't want people lookin' at my boobs either, but I think it's really shitty that you can't have them as icons to use in communites like breastfeeding you know? It's just horrible that people in this world look at breastfeeding as disgusting when that's the reason why we have these damn boobs in the first place. I used to be one of those people that didn't like breastfeeding, but I was ignorant to all of it and after I educated myself about it I felt like a total stupid a$$. Bleh. It just shouldn't be looked down upon. :(

That condo sounds lovely!

I don't think it's that it's discusting, it's just that it's showing boobs. A lot of people don't want to see someone else's boobs, since ya know, theyre all sexualized and such. Ive got no issues with someone USING the icon in an appropriate community or post. It's that they don't want them default so someone trips over it. I don't think LJ is in the wrong, I see better where theyre coming from. I think it sucks that people still have issues with breast feeding, but I dont think it's that that has the issue. Its the boobs. Makes for good drama though :)

http://www.millstonecondo.com/ that's the condo my dad is looking at tomorrow. A wee small, but hey, if it's only the 3 of us for now, it's not bad. And it's so cute. It's actually right in between my parents house and the college. It's at the mouth of the canyon you have to drive through to get to the Ogden Valley where my parents live. And the guy who owns it is super nice. I hope it's as cute as it looks.
Aww! That's cute! I'd take it!

Keith is deploying again? I'm sorry. I'm confused! I know you wrote about it.
its all good. When you have kids, they suck your brain/memory.

He's SUPPOSED to be deploying in October after they get back from NTC, which he is leaving for in August. Or it might not be until next June. No one can decide. he probably won't really know until a month before, but rather than wait until it's too late, Im going to go and see how things pan out.

As of this morning though, he got the option for a medical chapter. So we're discussing that. who the heck knows.

I.HATE.Having.People.Dictate.My.Life. Got that out of my system, :)
Yah, I know what you mean. Are you guys still having problems?

It seems like you are really excited to move close to home and go back to school. I think you need to do what is best for you. I hope it all works out. *hugs*
somedays more than others and they seem to mirror what you were talking about last week. I meant to comment, but I lost my mind. Some days are better than others. Although having him home when he got his teeth out made him realize I DONT just sit at home and eat bon-bons and watch soaps all day long.

I am, although school is being put off until I can get all my stuff paid. I miss my family, I dont function as well away. My sister is even moving to Salt Lake after she get out of the Army next Januaryish. I can't wait. She and I REALLY can't function without each other close enough to visit. We're 18 months apart, so we always did everything together.

Im being a bit selfish, but it's kid related. I want to have something under my belt by the time Keith has the option to Re-Up or get out. Plus I need an education Just In Case. Plus Im still considered a Utah resident, I get scholarships for my dad and sister attending Weber, so it's the cheapest place for me to go to school.
Ya need to go read the post you know who wrote about the drama. I did not know there was any until I saw her post. Fair warning she posted a pic at the end you might want to avoid. =)
Been there, done that, got the t-shirt.

she scares me, seriously. call me later tater. I had something to tell you, but I forgot what. But I do have something else to tell you.

OMG, HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL? Tell your son to quit growing, my brain cannot fathom high school + micheal. It just doesnt work like that.
Where is this? ahemken7@hotmail.com please. :P