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ponytail girl

June 2010

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Im a bad wife because...

Keith has a screensaver on my old computer of cars (i guess nice ones?  I dont know, they look ugly to me), girls in tight shirts, and Fast and the Furious junk.  I want to throw the computer out the window.  Its all ugly and irritating.  Well, at least it's not scantily clad women like it was a few months ago when I beat it into his head that it wasn't toddler friendly.

He uses Axe.  I HATE this stuff.  And it's not only the womanizing reputation it has.  When you spray this "deodorant" they advise you to spray it everywhere.  And he does.  You know when you walk through the mall and the perfume counter hits you and it smells so strong you choke?  Axe is like that, except you taste it.  Like down hallway, through your closed bedroom door and across your bedroom.  At 4AM.  That was this morning.  You know, I buy him halfway nice cologne, like Polo Blue and Drakkar (not the best, but decent).  And still he uses Axe.  He could buy NORMAL deodorant, but no, it's Axe.  And it STINKS!  I don't know about those commericals where they talk about guys getting molested because they wear Axe.  Riiiiight.  Thats probably the only reason Keith wears it, he thinks it attracts the ladies.  He says I am the one woman in the world that gets a headache from it.  And don't get me started on his body wash.  Nasty.

Sometimes I just want to delete his games he plays on my computer.  I don't, only because he would have to start over.  Okay, that part is a joke, I wouldnt do that. 

I think it's this heat, it's makin' me fiesty.  :)


He says I am the one woman in the world that gets a headache from it. And don't get me started on his body wash.

You're not the only one.

Axe is nastay, my husband uses the body wash and has some of the deodorant but I hid the deodorant, I only put up with the body wash because I don't want him using my expensive body wash. When he takes a shower, the entire apartment REEKS of the stuff, even my son complains about it. When it runs out, he's getting something that doesn't stink so bad.
Sarah actually buys me Axe. Could be because I don't spray it everywhere, just a quick shot to the chest. I actually prefer my Old Spice, but that's just me.

quit your complaining! Jeesh.

I joke, really.

I hate axe. Its a damn good thing Jon likes old spice! I love it. Its manly. lol! Oh, that and some stuff that I bought for him from Bath & Body Works. Yes, its mens stuff so shut up. There was a guy that said Jons cologne was nice and asked him what it was, Jon told him. Same guy said he was a puss for wearing something from B&B Works. Moron.
Silly fact...growing up, my Dad told us that cologne and perfume was called foo foo juice.
Axe seriously makes me gag.

The only 'scent' my boy wears is 'soap'.. and that's usually figs n'leaves from LUSH.

I dated one guy who marinated himself in Drakkar Noir all the time. I swear, my eyes would be tearing up whenever I kissed him.
Micheal uses AXE body wash, deodorant, and spray. If he does it light it's not too bad but I can't stand when he goes overboard. There are very few scents I will allow him to have. The newer ones are not too bad but more expensive. Thankfully Mike is not into that AXE shiza. He just likes $300 shiza!
Kenneth uses one of the body washes which isn't too bad ..... however ... our son is a different story .... thank the goddess his bathroom is on the OTHER side of the house.


If Kenneth did the french whore routine .... I would have to kill him. You're a better woman than I .... cause Kenneth would be puchin up daisies ...
My brother wears Axe. Gross thing, he is. And he has like all the different kinds! He even keeps the old cans as trophies or something! Or maybe he's just lazy.
He's sprayed it on a couple of times when I was there and all I could think of is "I'm so glad I don't live here anymore".
And stuff like that gives me a headache, too. I'm sensitive to smells. There's a dude at work that I actually complained about...he smells like a mix of cigarette smoke, body stink, and pachulli. It's horrible.
Sean likes the Axe body wash, but none of their other products. I just had to share this from my LJ last week because it'll make you laugh

Well, marketing companies are no fools. They know a military base is a great place to get your product seen by lots and lots of young men. With the recent explosion in the area of men's grooming lots of times in the gym they have samples of hair gel or moisturizer or whatever for guys to take away. Usually they want you to enter a drawing our fill out a survey or something too.

Today they had sample bottles of Axe Snake Peel. Now, Sean and I both like the scents of some of the Axe shower gels better than a lot of other men's shower gel out there, and we do buy it fairly frequently. But we do feel a bit squeamish about it because we so hate the lecherous tone of their ad campaigns. (For you UK people Axe here is the same as Lynx there). The Snake Peel ones are particularly distasteful, basically saying that with their exfoliating scrub you can remove the shame of sleeping with someone ugly, skanky or otherwise undesirable. Nice.

I took their darn free samples though. Three of them. And on the sheet where they asked for comments (one man had written "I'm a married man. Based on your ad campaigns, I think this product is not for me.") I wrote Remember kids, you can't actually scrub away shame. Or the clap.</i>

I'm totally with you on the scantily clad women crap. I won't put up with it, and I don't care if it makes me not a "cool" wife.

I totally lurked in your lj and read that. I laughed and completely agreed with you 100%. I think it also has a lot to do with the Army around here. The boys think it's cool that they are getting womens and want to brag about it. I don't know why Keith would want the "Im gettin ladies AND a STD" instead of a "Im sophisticated, I get the ladies, but I don't need them". He needs to stop hanging on to bachelorhoodism. He's got 2 kids and a wife - no matter what he's still not gonna get any.

One of these days I will just come out of the Secret Lily Fanclub and add you. Im already reading your posts anyways. You can blame that on Amy. :)
Come on out, no need to be ashamed! Here, I'll add you first and then you have an excuse :)

Im so shy, even online, its ridiculous. LOL