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Im a bad wife because...

Keith has a screensaver on my old computer of cars (i guess nice ones?  I dont know, they look ugly to me), girls in tight shirts, and Fast and the Furious junk.  I want to throw the computer out the window.  Its all ugly and irritating.  Well, at least it's not scantily clad women like it was a few months ago when I beat it into his head that it wasn't toddler friendly.

He uses Axe.  I HATE this stuff.  And it's not only the womanizing reputation it has.  When you spray this "deodorant" they advise you to spray it everywhere.  And he does.  You know when you walk through the mall and the perfume counter hits you and it smells so strong you choke?  Axe is like that, except you taste it.  Like down hallway, through your closed bedroom door and across your bedroom.  At 4AM.  That was this morning.  You know, I buy him halfway nice cologne, like Polo Blue and Drakkar (not the best, but decent).  And still he uses Axe.  He could buy NORMAL deodorant, but no, it's Axe.  And it STINKS!  I don't know about those commericals where they talk about guys getting molested because they wear Axe.  Riiiiight.  Thats probably the only reason Keith wears it, he thinks it attracts the ladies.  He says I am the one woman in the world that gets a headache from it.  And don't get me started on his body wash.  Nasty.

Sometimes I just want to delete his games he plays on my computer.  I don't, only because he would have to start over.  Okay, that part is a joke, I wouldnt do that. 

I think it's this heat, it's makin' me fiesty.  :)
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