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ponytail girl

June 2010

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Lovely teaparty!

So its about 98 degrees outside.  It's supposed to get up to 101.  The record high for this date was 100 in 1984.  We're 15 degrees above average.  I think Im going to DIE in July and August.  I was looking forward to constant 80 degrees all summer.  Stupid El Paso.  Ramiah, I hate you.

Anyways, what happened was we were going to overextend ourselves too much with out loan we were taking out.  So we didn't take it.  Without that 2000 we couldn't afford the van and such.  So no big deal.  If I go, it will be around tax season.  Thats when we're super loaded and buy all the stuff we've been putting off for months.  I just wish it came right around Xmas.  That would be nice.  So anyways, we are still going to get a wee amount of money and get some important things, like kid photos.  Eli hasn't gotten them done since Aug 04.  And of course Rhiannon hasn't had any yet.  Im such a bad mom.  But Im going to get them done soon.  Eli needs some shoes.  He lost one of them and we just can't seem to find it.  I would really LOVE to get a double stroller.  Maybe we could take family walks.  I gave Keith 3 conditions of me staying here:
1. Eli gets into daycare yesterday
2. this house gets cleaned and organized with his help
3. counseling.  Yes.

So on that note, recent funny.  That house my dad checked out the other day with no W&D?  Yeah, so come to find out the guy's kid is Mike.  Mike is the DJ on my dad's show that I went to school with back in the day.  Dang man, Ogden is such a tiny tiny town sometimes.

Im pretty boring.  But "Apparently thats cool".  You can hear that phrase and other comments making fun of my sisters and I on my dad's show this afternoon.  Especially about our obsession with Snakes on a Plane and Night at the Roxbury.  Good times.  If you use Quicktime, you can check out the DJ cam and see that I got my good looks from my mom.  :)


What EVER made you think you could escape texas heat? lol!!
oh Killeen was never this bad! El Paso is just NASTY!!!11 lol
I get robbed everytime I go to El Paso. You should try the DFW area. Around 100 for the last week.
"You should try the DFW area."

Yes. She should. I agree whole-heartedly.
If you mean literally robbed, us too. When I was in the hospital having Rhiannon, someone broke into our car and stole our stereo and Im pretty sure my favorite shoes! lol

And I love DFW. I miss it. Such better "culture" than is here! :)
If you mean literally robbed

Everyfuckingtime.. Never fails. LOL!

It's like 91 here and I feel like I'm going to die. lol.