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ponytail girl

June 2010

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AMY!  I GOT HBO NOW!  Wanna come over and have a Big Love marathon?  Actually, do it tomorrow, thats when Keith get off his duff to pick up the new cable box that has DVR.  We're SO watching Batman Begins tonight.  MmMmmmm, Christian Bale.  Hopefully he'll be lookin' as good as he did in Equilibrium. Good stuff.

Im feeling incredibly guilty because my dad did his entire show alone today.  He kept dropping hints to get me to call in (I have on quite a few shows to make fun of myself) and I just didnt.  I feel so bad now knowing his show was kind of slow and not as funny.  Boo-urns.

Im totally a reality TV junkie chillin' in my closet over here.  I tend to like the drama filled ones and thanks to Ella, I started watching AI.  Taylor reminded me of my dad.  Good for him.  I didn't like Boobs McGee over there, I would turn off the radio if I heard her screeching on it.  I still like Chris and it was hella cool to see him on stage with Ed Kowalczyk.  That was awesome.  And Prince.  Dear Prince.  Anyone else love how he strutted in, performed, and then just spun around Mr. Gayboyextrodinare Seacrest started talking, and walked right off?  Nice.  When I saw him come out I went "OMGZORZ MY BABY DADDY!"  Keith then informed me our kids are too white.  Dang, yo.

Oh and I watch Top Chef too. I loved Dave best, but I could live with Harold.  There was a comment taken out of context, so I got the impression Dave and Stephen had quite a night in Vegas.  I think Im the only person who LIKED Stephen's snobbery.

We can't wait for Hell's Kitchen around here.  Best.Show.Ever.  Gordon Ramsey is teh aweseom.  What can I say, I love drama.  June 12 is so far aways.



From what I hear, Prince was late getting there. We almost didn't get to see him. I lurve him myself.
It's about damn time you get HBO and DVR. I can't live without my DVR! You know that from being here. LOL And I did not get you hooked on a damn thing you huzzy! I love Prince too but that is something I tend not to tell people. =) Oh and I am 99.9% sure I am going to Vegas. I'll know for sure in a few minutes after I talk to Mike. If I do go I might be able to talk Mike into letting me come down there sometime around the 15th. What do you think about that?
thats awesome, Im glad you're going to Vegas. Go walk through the MAC store for me. And bring me home something :)

After living with a DVR and then going without and THEN going to visit you, I realize I need one so bad. And Im proud of my love for Prince - He's the man.

And if you come around the 14th (our anniversary) it's a deal. Either way, we'll still be there for a few days over the 4th. :)
I'm still not completely sure about Vegas. I could not get Mike earlier and we have to talk about it before the final decision is made. I can't afford anything in the MAC store! I'll bring you a picture of the MAC store how is that? LOL

After looking at the calendar I doubt I can come when I said. I forgot about Father's Day!!! I also need to get to GA and ASAP because my bestest friend is moving to England (LUSH for me!!) and I want to see my son before she goes.

Oh and I forgot to mention I am a Hell's Kitchen junkie in a major way! =)

OK I gotta run because I have to go get Micheal from the high school. He had Basketball tryouts today!
Oh I didnt mean bringing me something from the MAC store, lol. I was meaning like a shotglass or a keychain or something of the like. Whatever :)

Fathers day? Who the hell cares about that! :-D
Oh well I can do one of those. I think! =)

For some reason I always make a big deal of Father's Day. I've already planned to buy Mike a table saw and a ladder. That's $300 gone! =/

No worries though I will get to El Paso before the kids return to school. =)
I loved Steven! I think I got the same impression as you about Dave and Steven. I was hoping and praying Tiffani wouldn't win because I could not stand her. I was rooting for Harold the whole season, he just seemed to be an all around great chef, and great guy.
YAY! I'd come and watch for sure. Too bad we live so far away! Sucks. Are you going to watch Entourage this June? I think we are going to turn our HBO off after The Sopranos is done for this year. :(

Workin' up a black sweat. Workin... Yah, he didn't sing that song and I wanted him too so bad! I love Prince. I think he's so little & cute. I want to pinch him. lol.

I love reality tv. Especially the reality on MTV. That's good stuff.
start walking, you'll be here in a week. I know you have one of those baby sling things. :-p

I love that song!!! Seriously, I could listen to it on repeat for days. And the video is hysterical! I love that he just blows the girls off. Prince is the man. Period. :)

Whats Entourage? I havent heard of it yet.

And MTV reality TV is SO trashy! Watching Sweet 16 is a damn trainwreck! Its crazy. Thats the only one I watch on occasion. The snob in me frowns at MTV :-p

It's about a guy who is really famous and all of his friends either work for him or just live off of him. I love it.

I gotta watch the Real World & Road Rules stuff. That "Fresh Meat" competition that is coming up is going to be great! I can't wait! lol.

Oooooh! Big Love!!! I loves that show! I get a little stressed, but it's worth it. Damn that Nicollete.

I think I was watching Chicken Run at the same time as you yesterday!

"But I don't WANT to be a pie!!" Heehee!!

Yay for HBO!