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AMY!  I GOT HBO NOW!  Wanna come over and have a Big Love marathon?  Actually, do it tomorrow, thats when Keith get off his duff to pick up the new cable box that has DVR.  We're SO watching Batman Begins tonight.  MmMmmmm, Christian Bale.  Hopefully he'll be lookin' as good as he did in Equilibrium. Good stuff.

Im feeling incredibly guilty because my dad did his entire show alone today.  He kept dropping hints to get me to call in (I have on quite a few shows to make fun of myself) and I just didnt.  I feel so bad now knowing his show was kind of slow and not as funny.  Boo-urns.

Im totally a reality TV junkie chillin' in my closet over here.  I tend to like the drama filled ones and thanks to Ella, I started watching AI.  Taylor reminded me of my dad.  Good for him.  I didn't like Boobs McGee over there, I would turn off the radio if I heard her screeching on it.  I still like Chris and it was hella cool to see him on stage with Ed Kowalczyk.  That was awesome.  And Prince.  Dear Prince.  Anyone else love how he strutted in, performed, and then just spun around Mr. Gayboyextrodinare Seacrest started talking, and walked right off?  Nice.  When I saw him come out I went "OMGZORZ MY BABY DADDY!"  Keith then informed me our kids are too white.  Dang, yo.

Oh and I watch Top Chef too. I loved Dave best, but I could live with Harold.  There was a comment taken out of context, so I got the impression Dave and Stephen had quite a night in Vegas.  I think Im the only person who LIKED Stephen's snobbery.

We can't wait for Hell's Kitchen around here.  Best.Show.Ever.  Gordon Ramsey is teh aweseom.  What can I say, I love drama.  June 12 is so far aways.
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