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So Im sitting around last night feeding the baby and watching Deal or No Deal.  I wonder about those girls with the cases.  Do they go home depressed if theyre holding the million dollar case?  I wonder if they ever get blamed for someone losing.  Watch your news, one of Howie's girls is suicidal because she had the million dollar case.  Oh, the things I think about when I watch TV.

Like Big Love.  I am so addicted to this show right now.  I think, wow, I wonder how much Bill pays in Electricity a month.  And theyre driving around downtown and theres my seagulls with the gold beaks!  yay! (I love those things, as anyone who has gone to Salt Lake with me knows).  Watching it makes me really miss Utah.  I have a lot of good memories there.

This weekend was pretty tame, but actually nice.  On Friday I took the kids down the road to my friend's house so Eli could swim with her boys.  He had a grand old time, until he started riding her son's motorized hot wheels harley.  He was hauling ass and then went under a slide and got stuck.  He sliced 2 of his fingers open, but I think he will live.  We figured out the reason my swamp cooler wasnt cooling the house was because it's broken.  So Keith called matinence and since I cant stand having strangers in the house, Keith told us to order pizza.  We did and I walked home around 6ish to do my show.  Which was fun as usual.  I love sitting in a chat with people who tune into my show.  I really oughta start a yahoo chat for everyone to make requests and such while Im on air.

Saturday I woke up to Keith telling me I was going with Jess to the mall.  So we went out to the WESTSIDE! and went to a mall.  I tried on clothes, which I never do.  I ended up walking out with a new pair of khaki capris (I know, they fit like capris!  amazing.  that never happens) and a nice lavender/pink shirt, and a happy bunny shirt.  Im at that point where I just don't care as much to maintain an image.  Im not wearing shorts, but hell if Im wearing all black when it's 103 out.  I had a lovely time making a new friend.  It was nice to have some sorta girly time.

On Sunday, Keith and I cleaned house.  Well, living room.  And most of the kitchen.  We still have a lot of work to do, but it's starting to look much nicer.  Yesterday, we cleaned off the back porch, threw Eli in his pool and cooked some burgers.  So kind of a quiet weekend.

HBO has paid for itself in one weekend.  We've watched: Batman Begins, Fever Pitch (totally cute - and I hate romantic comedies), Meet the Fockers (so stupid), Chicken Run, Empire Records (Love it so I have to rewatch every time it's on).  Big Love on Demand and now Im going through the Sex in the City on demand.  Soon as Im finished with Big Love, we're watching the Sopranos. Yay for HBO!  Our DVR isn't working, we found out they gave Keith the wrong box on Friday.  Stupid Time Warner.  Oh and Napoleon Dynamite is on demand.  Gotta watch for Tina :-p

So good news!  Eli is getting enrolled into daycare on Monday.  It looks like we're going to be paying $2 an hour for part time occasional care.  yay!  And theyre open from 1-midnight on Saturdays.  Wow, Keith and I might go out occasionally.  Crazy.  I can't wait really, Eli is going to love daycare.  It will be so good for him.

My mom posted all these photos up on flickr.  So I got an account and took some photos. Its been really fun seeing all their photos from their recent adventures.  And now, I tune into my dad's show on 88.1 because I can :)
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