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OKay, really, could it BE any hotter around here?  Its peaked at 100 and its not 5 yet.  Thats when our highest temperatures hit, 5PM.  Weird I think, Im used to the midwest where the temps hit highs right around mid-afternoon.  Another thing that throws me off about El Paso is the temperatures at night.  I watch the weather channel while Im sleeping, so I notice a bit of the forcast before I pass out.  Its always around 80 degrees at 2 in the morning.  I actually thought "Gee, I wish I was in Tampa" last night, when the high in Tampa today was lower than our low.  Okay, I know talking about the weather isn't good for entertainment, but I live in Hell over here.  Give me a break.

I havent updated this thing in a few days.  I hate it when I lapse, I then have to play catch up.  Not that my life is all that exciting, but you read it, so I must be doing something right.

Thursday - Keith came home and I begged him to take me out. I didnt care where we went, I just wanted out.  So he took me to Olive Garden.  I love their soup and their stuffed mushrooms, but my pasta was all doughy and I swear they served me Gnocci.  It was weird.  It tasted great reheated the next day, just not so hot right out of the kitchen.  Then he took me to Walgreens so we could get some sunscreen for the kidlets and I could look for the makeup princessbunny reccomended for me in a makeover in bunnygirly.  They didnt have anything.  All the colors I went looking for were out and they didnt even carry Rimmel.  So I decided I needed some more conditioner and some face soap.  I spent 20 minutes mulling over the face stuff.  Its so hard for me now because I dont have skin like I used to, and well, the weather is affecting it.  I wound up with some netrogena stuff, I hope it works.  Ive got such a wierd disarry of product anymore, its amusing.  Almost as long as it took me to decide on that, it took Keith to decide on deodorant.  I forbid the AXE, so he was whining for like 15 minutes about it.  I won, in the end of course.  Eli got some bubbles and I found more Dr Pepper berries and cream soda.  ive been cleaning out the Shopette recently.  Good stuff. 

Friday - I spent the entire day working on the show.  I found some covers Richard Cheese did of some U2 songs, which were quite good actually.  I had low counts and I was sort of disappointed.  Keith came home late in a real foul mood.  He found out he was going to the field Monday, the canceled all of his physical therapy appointments, and he's pretty much not allowed to do anything anymore.  He took off to a friends for the night as to not take it out on me.  That set off a laundry list of complaints, but we worked it out in the morning.  Slow day for the most part.

Saturday - We had a BBQ with our neighbors. As most of you know, I have a rather love/hate relationship with our neighbors - they love me, I hate them.  Well, not really, but they can only be stomached in small amounts.  Theyre all "new army" which has come to annoy me.  I know most of us were there at one time, but most people I know aren't.  Seriously - your husband works late and deploys often.  Quit whining.  Oh and don't give me all this well MY husband got home at 3, why is yours still working at 8??  Well, because his unit sucks and/or he's a good soldier.  Stuff his dogtags in your mouth and shut it.  And everytime Eli is around their kids, he picks up bad habits.  My dad called me real quick Sat night and heard one of them yelling at her kid to "Shut the hell up".  The kid is 2.  Not to mention her daughter stepped in a fire ant pile and the mom was just all "meh, quit whining".  Keith was the one who got up and threw her poor legs in the pool.  Bad parents = bad kids.  They like to tease me that all I do is sit in the house - wonder why.  Keith cooked his killer BBQ chicken which was way better than their food anyways.  He then took me to the PX because I wanted to look for the makeup again and Im about out of tarts to burn.  We went wondering around, and of course, they were out of all the makeup.  Again.  So we looked at candles and they had my favorite Yankee candle in stock, which almost never happens.  So we got a few candles and no tarts.  While poking around the clearance aisle, we found a 53 piece dish set with no tag and the box completely trashed.  Theyre by Oneida, but I cant find the type online.  Anyways, they were 50 bucks and I got them 25% off, so they wound up being 35 bucks.  And I love them!  Only one plate was broken in the entire box, which was probably why it was returned.  I dont mind because we only need 4 settings for now (kinda, as the baby doest eat yet).  And they are so cute, just basic white with little raised dots around the inside.  Match any decor I choose at the time.  We were very happy about that.  Now I feel the need to clean out the misc stuff in my kitchen and scale down.  Im at a scaling things down mode big time.

Sunday - we decided to run out so I could see where things are located for some appointments this week.  We had to go to Walmart to save 2 trips.  I checked the makeup AGAIN.  This time we were closer, but things were still missing.  I did grab the lip gloss since it was only 2 bucks.  Keith loved it, good choice Lily!  We got some groceries and a baby book for Rhiannon finally.  I dont think I could have found one any girlier too, I love it.  I keep eyeing little bows for her hair, and I bought some cheap pink nailpolish for her, but I havent painted her nails.  For some reason, just not.  We also got some awesome awesome chocolate covered graham cracker local coffee.  We made some last night and I couldnt get enough of it.  Yeah, I dont think there will be any left when Keith gets home on Friday.  I couldnt sleep at all last night, so I wound up being Keith's alarm clock at 2 AM when I tripped and fell on him.  Thats when we made some coffee and drank it until he left at 3 for the field.  There was something weird in the air last night, it really felt like he was going to Iraq.  I guess it was just the being up late at night thing.  Who knows.

This morning, I went to CDC to get Elijah enrolled into daycare.  He can start whenever I call and give them 24 hour notice.  It's 2.50 an hour, which isnt too bad.  And Saturdays they are open 1-12AM, at 3.50.  So maybe we will drop him off this weekend and go do something.  Who knows.  Im excited for him, he's going to love it. 

Tomorrow we have an appt for WIC (yay, free food!) for all 3 of us.  I will get to know where everyone is sitting weight/height wise.  And we all get our fingers poked- boo.  But free government cheese, yay!  lol.  Next week, both kids go to the hospital for shots.  On our anniversary no less.  That will be no fun. 

And the current temp outside is 98.  Believe it or not, it actually feels cooler.  I cant believe this post took so long to make.  Dinner time I guess.  Maybe I will take Eli out in the yard now that the sun is going over the mountain.  He's a little sucked into Mouse Hunt right now.
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