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ponytail girl

June 2010

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come what may lyrics

A rather vomit inducing post...

Today is our 4th anniversary.  While we have certainly had a lot of ups and downs, our marriage is actually stronger than ever right now.

May '02

Nov '02

Dec '02  (You know you like Eli's IV, lol.  its linked because WBI is giving me fits.  Its cute though)

Nov '03

Aug '04

June '05 (worst photo ever!)

March '06

And seriously, how do people as ugly as us make kids cute as this?  (okay, Rhiannon is a bit orange, its toned down now, I just havent gotten photo of the two of them recently. :))
April '06

Yay!  Happy Anniversary Smelly!


Awww! I love that picture that you say is the worst ever!

Happy Anniversary!!!

Truly sickening ... lol .... I wuvs yall .... *smiles* Have a great day yall !!!

Too entirely cute. *gag*

Happy Anniversary!!
Happy I'm still tolerating your ugly ass-iversary!

The linked one says that it has been deleted :(.
The ugliest photo ever was taken by yours truly you know. If that goofy looking guy was not in the photo it would look a lot better.

Happy Anniversary darling. Sorry I was out of it when you called. I tried calling back later on but you did not answer. I'm about to head over to clean the house from hell if you wanna call me. Just call Mike's cell. 229-740-2169

Just kidding. Or not.

Don't worry, Tina. I'll post gross pics of me and Robert smooching when our 4th year comes around. I gotta go take some now, actually.

You are very cute. I take back the barf. :)