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Substantial posting now....

I need to make a halfway decent post since both (! - more on that in a bit) kids are watching Finding Nemo.  I swear, Eli could watch this movie 30 times a day - still.  He adores Nemo, can't get enough of it. 

Kid Updates:

Elijah - Elijah is turning into a mouthy little guy lately, but sassy, sarcastic and hilarious none the less.  I have no idea where he gets it from though.  He spends his days annoying me and tearing up the house.  Some how he got into the craft box unsupervised last week and got out a bag of pony beads.  These went into his room and he had shoved them up his nose.  I think it runs in the family since his Auntie SeeSee (jessica, for those that know my sister) shoved part of her baby blanket up her nose as a kid and gave us both a staff infection due to it.  Anyways, after giving me a small panic attack I managed to get them out.  We also lectured him on the dangers of shoving foreign objects into your head "You will have to go to the doctor and get a LOT of shots".  Hopefully that detours him away from doing it again.  In between doing that, watching movies, sassing off, and destroying his room, he finds time to torture the cats (normal kid stuff, dragging them around (haha, doesnt happen) and demanding they let him pet them) and eating us out of house and home.  We went to WIC a few weeks ago and he weighed in at 28lb and was exactly 3' tall.  My poor wee monkey.  I guess it's the price you pay when your mom is 5'1" (according to WIC Ive grown an inch somehow, yay!).  He had to get 4 shots when we went into Rhiannon's check up, he took them like such a man. He grunted and said "that tickles".  Im a bigger baby then that!  Of course, he felt like caca afterwards, but what are ya gonna do.  I can't believe he's almost 4.  Im going to die!! :)

(Nemo interlude - "fish are friends not food, EXCEPT FOR DOLPHINS!  Yeah!  Stinkin' Dolphins, they think theyre so cute!"  and Eli came over and said "MOMMMY!  Bruce says FISH ARE NOT FOOD!")

Rhiannon update - we FINALLY got her in for her 2 month check up 2 weeks or so ago.  She's 9lb3oz and 21 3/4 in.  Still a bit wee - she's still in newborn clothes.  And will be 4 months next week.  Ive got such wee kids.  Anyways, she's rolling like crazy, getting a personality.  She rules the house.  Such a primadonna attention loving kid.  She will stand in her car seat and crane her neck to watch TV!  Now I know she just likes the noise and colors but it's still pretty funny.  She also smiles and we think she might be laughing now.  Shes definitely a lot more interactive and she LOVES elijah.  Its cute.

Me update - Nothing.  No, really, Im boring.  I was on the phone with my sister earlier and started feeling something stinging on my lower back (OMG JESS!  MY BUTT IS BURNING).  After a panicked frenzy with her on the phone, I found out there was a huge nasty ant on my back biting the hell out of me.  When keith came home from physical therapy, he said I was having a pretty nasty allergic reaction.  Nothing I can do since Im BFing and can't take benedryl.  But man if it doesnt burn like crazy and is making me uncomfortable.  Im cleaning like crazy and planning on doing some super cleaning (and TOSSING THINGS) while Keith is gone...

And on Keith's front, he goes on block leave on Friday.  We're heading to Albuquerque for a few days to spend the 4th with my second family.  babyinga is totally a good boogerhog, so Im sure I will get my fill of red white and blue.  After we get back, he's flying out with Elijah to Florida to visit his sister (no, we're not paying for this).  Im sure he will be a super hellion (keith, not Eli), but it will give me a psuedo break and I can do some decent cleaning of the house and possibly get the baby's room organized.

We went to a joke of an FRG meeting last night, probably the silliest one ive been to.  This unit is a joke.  Anyways, there are a ton of deployment rumors floating around since his brigade hasn't recieved orders.  Newest rumor as of this morning is they will recieve orders while at NTC (end of July - beginning of Sept) and may just go to Iraq from there.  And this time around, it will be for 18months.  Yay and suck.  We will make a ton of money but crap on another 12+ month rotation.  Not happy here, buddy.  Oh well, what can ya do.  Part of the life he picked out. 

If he deploys that soon, it really leaves a damper on my "hoping for!" trip to Hawaii in Dec.  Oh well, that's life.

And thats about it for the excitement around here.  My back is still burning so Im going to make lunch and get some ice on it.  Im so completely boring, I apologize for the lack of excitement.
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