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ponytail girl

June 2010

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oh no you didnt

We got orders.  Well, Keith did.  I can't tell you when, but I could tell you where, but then I would have to kill you.  All Im going to say is theyre supporting a Marine unit and will be gone for 18 months.  Oh yay.

Today I must : work on my show, go through Eli's old clothes for a baby clothes swap, get laundry done, pack stuffs up, sweep the floor, make sure the dishes are done, and do the dang cat litter.  Im glad we're getting out of here, Im sick of El Paso.

You better tune into my show tonight or I will have your head.  :p


I hope that where ever his next post is yall like it. Take care hun. *huggles* for yall
well, we're not going to know his next place until 2 years from now. I meant his DEPLOYMENT orders :) Ya know, to the sandbox. lol
i hope you like wherever you are going! Wish I knew! :P
Im not going anywhere, unless you include Albuquerque, which is what I meant by getting out of El Paso. Keith got his orders to Iraq. :-p
Well hell...at least you're getting out of Hell Paso. *hugs*
just for a few days, the orders are Keith to Iraq. :)
I figured by the whole 18 month thing that he was going over again...but I thought maybe you were gonna get out of Hell Paso while he was gone. That sucks.
You officially should now come to the OOO-Tah at the earliest possibility. You need good friends close, and your kids need redneckin up!
Hey this is Lanie (xxlaniecooleyxx)... Add my new name back, please?