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So Im finally home from Albuquerque, just in case you noticed I was gone, haha.  Had a marvelous time, as usual.  Ella is a great hostess, although we left her house in total disarray.  We spent most of our time playing board games.  I beat Ella in Scrabble (neener neener) and played a TON of pictionary.  Of course it got inappropriate, der, you know me.  Of course, Ella had to figure out SOMEWAY to draw Hillary Clinton.  :)

The boys left this morning for a few days in Florida with Keith's sister.  I miss Eli already (and Keith - sort of).  I got a floormate to assist in tackling these El Paso dust storms and my mess in my house (floormates = <3!).  I need to run up to the commisary for more solution and some other stuffs.  Im motivated, but doing everything else (like working on my show for tonight.  Soon as the baby wakes up from her nap I will probably head out.  Im super boring with my housewife-ary.  :)

Hope everyone had a good 4th.  :)
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