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When life hands you lemons...

Some people's husbands bring them home flowers when theyve had a bad day.  I have a bad week and my husband brings me home a purebred Shar Pei puppy!

She is gorgeous.  There was a couple on post with 2 shar peis.  They got wrapped up in their PCS and forgot to get their dogs fixed in time, so oops they had puppies and this little miss is the product of it.  She's 6 weeks old, wrinkly and pudgy.  She's so dang cute I can't contain myself.  She misses her brotheres and sisters though.  But having a dog is going to help me a lot inmy security issues, and she's one of my top 2 breeds I love.

She doesn't have a name yet, but when I come up with one, I will post photos.  She likes climbing on my keyboard, lol.
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