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ponytail girl

June 2010

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It really exsists!  I took this photo!

i love technology

Im sitting on my couch, with a laptop. Reading junk n stuff on the interwoobs while watching my DVR'd Rockstar show with Ryan singing Depeche Mode. NICE. Im really addicted to this show now, but that doesnt take much for me.

I should have my show up again soon, dont fear. I wont have a new computer, but Im working on getting the system set up for it. So dont be too depressed, haha.


meh, I'm not impressed by Ryan. I knew, however, you'd be happy about his song choice. ;) My favs are Magni, and Dilana. Double axed though, how awesome was that? Jill needed to go home a long time ago. I can't stand her. I knew Josh wouldn't make it, but I loved his personality. :)

Depeche Mode - yay!

I'm a huge DM fan... I just saw the title of your post and was like "RAWK... DM!" Anyway, here is that survery requested for the wiccan mommies group:

Please fill out this survey when you join:
Name: Deanna (will usually refer to myself by my magickal name, Winter, in lj).
Spouse name: Steve (will usually refer to him by my one of his online gaming names, Lexicon in lj).
Children/ages: Willow... age 19 mos
Path: Eclectic (and I mean VERY Eclectic) Wiccan/Pagan
How this effects your child raising: Willow may choose her own way when the time comes.
any advice? Nope.
Any thing else? Nope.