I'm just a boring example of everybody else (the_tina) wrote,
I'm just a boring example of everybody else

and an update

lets see how long it is before this laptop ticks me off enough that I stop the update, haha.

This whole supplementing thing with Rhiannon seems to be working. We went into her pediatrician yesterday and she has gained a pound in about a week and a half. So now she is a whole whopping 10lb 9oz, haha. Shes also 23in. She is starting to get slighty pudgy cheeks. But when you compare her to another baby at her age, she's tiny. I hear from most people that they cant believe she's doing all the things she is (IE trying to sit and trying to crawl. Shes also a lot more social and interactive than Elijah was) being as tiny as she is. Shes definitely better than she was at this point. Im still nursing her and she seems to be fine, just taking a couple of ounces afterwards. She's always happy and all smiles unless she's hungry. A lot more independant than Eli ever was.

And that wild monkey... He's playing with playdo this morning. And getting into the craft box. I dont care as long as he's entertained. His favorite commercial right now is the new verizon chocolat phone. Everytime he sees it, he yells CHOCOLATE and runs for the TV. Oh and whenever he wants skittles, he asks to taste the Rainbow! You'd think the kid watches TV all the time. Im lucky to get him to sit still for Sesame Street with me for 10 minutes. He just brought me a playdo cake and sang happy birthday to me. Silly boy.

I have blue hair. Well, stripes. My bangs in the front and then the ends of it. We had a dying party on Saturday. Well - I got stuck bleaching and dying a bunch of people's hair. Nothing like corrupting military wives. I find it amusing to make people test their comfort zones. Of course, one of them went from purple back to brown in less than a day, but it was still a good effort. I need to redye the blue because its a bit pale for my taste, but I do like it. I need to continue the effort to keep up with my hair and such since I havent since I got pregnant. One of these days, Im going to get some extensions. once I have some cash.

Which reminds me, Ive been thinking about some sort of technical school to get through to support us until I can get back into college. I saw a commerical for a tattoo and piercing school which could be kind of cool. Could you see me, Miss scared to death of needles, doing piercings and tattoos? I can see my parents turning green. The school is only a week long and I would have to apprentice for a while Im sure, but still. I dunno. I am still thinking of the beauty school since I certainly have a knack for it. I need something because Keith is really starting to push getting out in 2009.

I talked to him yesterday. He's coming home on the last flight out of NTC. Figures - first to go and last to leave, only because he never raises a stink. Hes a bit more frustrated than he was before he left. I dont want to go into it, but he's going straight to the shrink when he gets home and going to try for a med board. All I have to say is the army wont care until something drastic happens, which I hope will never happen. should make for a lovely 18 months. I guess I can say dates and stuff since it was in the paper. Dec 4-6, 18m deployment in Ramadi and Fallujah. Oh YAY. yeah. Enough about that.

I need a computer back. Im so sad without one. I am really not a fan of laptops, I guess I should be glad I used this one before going out and getting one. Id probably be very picky if I decided to actually get one. I have no idea what we're going to do yet. At least I didnt lose my music and photos, Im happy about that.

And I really dont have anything interesting to talk about. Im boring. :)
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