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ponytail girl

June 2010

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Yay consumerism!

1. someone needs to punch jerry falwell in the FACE. Like now.

2. we're all sick again. I hate this garbage.

3. I had an awesome weekend, I will be posting. I even had some military special brand whiskey, it was not good, but worth it just for the bottle.

4. keiths date has bumped way up. details to follow when I can say. Orders are somewhere in the first week of Nov - rumors keep flying though to much earlier.

5. Keith's going to try and buy me a car before he leaves. I have no idea what to get other than something bigger than what we have. Im going to wind up in a Mormon mobile, I swear. :)

7. I need a paid account, I hate being poor. I changed my layout, its generic. But its sorta Halloweenie. Good times.

8. Hope everyone is well :)


I'll be the first one to admit that I'm blissfully ignorant about the majority of things going on in the world today. Upon reading your #1 point, I decided to look up this character. After stopping myself from reading anything more about him on wikipedia, I feel the need to set him on fire. I think his mom should've had an abortion. Ugh. What a creep.

I hope you feel well soon. You said that "everytime he leaves, it gets a bit easier" (or something along those lines). You've gotta be one strong momma; I don't know how I could deal with such a situation. You say military wives support the troops and their husbands. Someone should really support YOU guys.

I really wish you lived closer. :(
he's such a jackass, really. He was just in the news again yesterday which reminded me again how much I hate him. Im still shocked that no matter what your personal beliefs is, someone would still follow him. He's just ignorant and a moron.

Yeah, its been getting passed back and forth between friends. This is the third round for Elijah and I, he doesnt seem to be as bad as the first time he had it. I don't know how I do it, but I tell everyone else I just drive on and deal with it. It sucks, but I knew what I was getting into - this time he reinlisted we did it so he wouldnt go reserves. Good thing is we will be making some decent money while he's gone. So you have to look for the positive in the negitive I guess.

And ME TOO, believe me.
they have that ad-based "paid" account now... i forget what they call it, but you get more of the features that paid account people have with the nasty side effect of ads. *shrug* it's a start. i hope you guys are better soon.
and go for an element. ;) there are so many cool features to them...
I know, I have it. I really don't like it though, it makes me angry. And I only get 15 of my 55 icons, haha. Everything expired last month.

Im not sure what I want right now...mostly something we can afford that I like. I'll probably get a minivan with some sweet features. Embaressing, but Im a mom and I dont get a choice. At least it has a tv in the back for when we drive to the middle of Texas ;) Or the Oootah.