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ponytail girl

June 2010

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being better about updating...

cuz you know once the husband leaves I will be once again attached to the lj.

I really hate not having a computer with semagic.  I try to update and something happens to the webpage and deletes my entire post.  STUPID POSTING THROUGH THE WEB I HATE JOO!!

Miah I missed your call because I was on a walk getting blisters because I wore retarded shoes (because I can't find my good shoes, Eli lost one of them) and Keith didnt recognize your number.  So it's all his fault.

Rhiannon went to the doctor for a weight check yesterday.  She's our little talker, she is always talking about something interesting.  She's now 12 lb 4 oz, so she gained 2 lbs since the last time we went in, and in the 5th percentile.  She made the charts, yay!  She's 23 1/4 in, so not on the chart for her height yet.  Comes with her short mom, lol.  She IS in the 50th percentile for her big old noggin though.  She's doing so much better though.  If only we could come up with a nickname for her. Im still leaning one way, but cant make a decision... what does LJ think since you all decide everything for me (har har) Rain or Anna?  Or can you get anything else out of Rhiannon?  Keith thinks Rhia, but I can just imagine where that nickname would lead in school.  NO.

Im so overwhelmed with the prospect of buying a new car.  Keith is no help because he's devestated with having to get rid of his baby (he wanted to soup up the gand am and race it when he got home).  But i cant see having this car another 2 years with 2 kids alone.  such stress.

time to feed the beebs.  yay, fun


My sister's name is Jessica Ann, so I would be stealing it from her. My grandma just put a bug in my ear about Rain, so Im having a hard time pickin'. Ive always had my nickname Tina, so I think a name longer than a few letters is too long :)
Why does she need a nickname? I like her name.
I *love* her name, but it just seems like such a frilly long name. As you know, my legal name is Justine but I thought it was too frilly and have always gone by Tina. She does respond to Rhiannon, I just want something shorter for when I have to yell at her, like I do with Eli... you know, the shorter the name the less trouble ;)
I think you should look at your price range for cars before you get too choosy. Those minivans book it...probably about 15% of the people who cut me off are in minivans! Those things kick ass!

Check this out...


I happen to like the VW Golf. I need to start thinking of such things since a new car and kids are in my near future. I like the Toyota Matrix, too.

And how can anyone love a Grand Am? I was sad when I got rid of my truck, but I was over it in oh, 8 hours (or whenever I got my new crappy truck). It's really not practical to have a "maybe it will work next year" car especially when you have kids. I don't like thinking about mine now...and it's pushing 180,000 miles with no kids in the next year. If he wants you to be less stressed out when he leaves, you need a better car.

As for the nicknames..."Raina" maybe? I like "Rain", but it reminds me of those hippy names..."Sky Healer" or "Sparkling Sunshine"...bah. I like all kinds of wacky names, so I can't make fun of anyone...well, without making fun of myself.
I may not be getting a new car now. I might be getting a '99 explorer by default, lol. Now the gand am? I hate that piece of crap, but it was Keith's first car that was HIS (even though we're STILL paying on it). So he's come to love the dang thing. And with things coming to light, Im not sure what to do about the car.

What do you think about Rene' (like Rheenee)? Its one in running, but im not sure. It's Grimmys nickname. You know you and I and our 3-4 letter names in comparison to our fancy names KIMBERLY MARIE and JUSTINE LYNNE haha.