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ponytail girl

June 2010

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It's October and that means 2 big things.  Keith goes nuts over Halloween and Eli's bday is impending.

Keith LOVES Halloween.  It's his thing.  I take over at Christmas, itching to put out the decorations the day after Halloween (which I usually do, I wait until day after Turkey Day to do stuff outside though).  I have boxes on boxes of decorations.  Since poor Keith is gone all the time and I only have a minimal joy of Halloween right now (its mostly around my kids) I only have a small box we have gotten together over the past four years, with mostly paper decorations.  So this weekend rolls around and he decides we need more decorations, so we go on a scavenger hunt to find cheap ones anywhere we can.  We went to Big Lots, which I love.  I found a huge store, but everything was overpriced for Big Lots.  So I decided we should make stuff and headed out to Michaels.  I LOVE Michaels.  We didnt have one in Killeen and the one here is a hike down the interstate.  They had a bunch of stuff on sale, so we got some foam shapes for Elijah to make pictures with, a few kits I can make that cost a buck each, and some cinnamon smelly pine cones and such.  Keith was disappointed because he wanted the big fancy expensive stuff, but we just can't do any of that right now.  So we headed to Walmart and looked there.  No much there either, so I bought him some cookies to decorate.  AND THEY HAD MY HOLIDAY CREAMERS, those creamers are love.  MMMMmmmm Pumpkin Spice.  But he did get to come home and decorate some stuff in the front yard, so he's happy.  Not as happy as he would have been with a ton of toys, but he's all right I guess.

When we were at Michaels we got approached by this little old lady with two dogs in her cart. She brought them over to let Eli pet them and was chatting him up about Shiwa.  She was so sweet, commenting on how cute my kids were and how well behaved.  She then told me she was a social worker and couldn't believe how happy my kids were and that she could tell they were well loved and I must be a wonderful mother.  I almost busted out crying in Michaels, I swear.  :)

Yesterday I baked the boys cookies because Eli wouldnt get off my back for them, although I do have to say it was much nicer having him say "Cookies" than say "UTAH UTAH UTAH NEW HOUSE NEW HOUSE PAPA PAPA PAPA" all day long.  I burned all the cookies butts for some reason though, which was frustrating.  But most of them turned out all right. It was funny watching the boys try and ice them though.  I think Eli ate more icing than he decorated with.  It was pretty cute.

His birthday is end of next month.  I can't believe hes going to be 4.  I was looking at some old photos on Flickr yesterday and saw a photo of him when he had just turned 1.  He was so pudgy and had some seriously red hair.  Too bad that didnt hang around, it was so cute.  Rhiannon does look just like he did though.  My baby is getting seriously too big.  He has such an incredibly sassy mouth too.  He is in love with Handy Manny, letting in the occasional Charlie and Lola.  He loves Sponge Bob, but those 2 take the cake now.  I think its because even Daddy doesnt mind watching Handy Manny.  Eli doesnt know what to do with himself since Keith has been home so much lately.  Not that Eli knows ANYTHING about independant play.  Thousands of dollars of toys and he doesnt want anything to do with them :)  I can't believe hes going to start preschool next year.  And regular school after that.  My wee monkey, lol.  I really need to write some of the funny  stuff he does down, just to look back on it.  :p

And to not leave Miss Rhiannon out, she's doing fine.  Chattering away and crawling now.  Oh how I hate the crawling stage.  Everything goes in the mouth, ew.  We dont have carpets either, so Im constantly cleaning.  She's gotten much bigger now and loves to play with Elijah.  She loves the cats too, especially grabbing their fuzzy butts.  They don't appreciate it as much.

I love autumn.  Especially the TV.  Im addicted to so many shows, its pathetic.  I usually do that when Keith is gone, so I have something to help me pass the time.  So now Ive got all these shows Im DVRing and watching during the day.  Im sure no one cares about my TV watching habits, although I will say for a bunch of you - thanks for all your ranting about Lost.  Niki made me watch the review show and Im sucked in.  I watched the first episode when it premired and thought what a stupid premise for a show, its not going to go anywhere.  Holy poop on a stick was I wrong.  So now I add that to the long list of shows now.  This morning I watched last night's Heros and Im so completely sucked in, Im going to make Keith watch it.  It was so gross too.  Ew.  Later Im going to watch Studio 60.  Yay, I am SO exciting.  haha.

It needs to drop in temps.  90s in October is just uncalled for.  I shouldnt complain though, Im going to be turning into a Tina-sicle in a few months  up in the mountains.  Keith and I are both debating attending Weber State at the same time, as his school is going to be almost completely paid for.  I am worried about it though... Ive never thought about doing something like that.  Anyone got advice on going to school as a non-trad paying bills?  Does financial aid cover housing and living expenses?  Or just school?   Im wondering if we can just get everything paid for and not hold down jobs... I guess we can try it for a semester or two and see how it works.  Huzzah for milking the government more than we already do, lol.

Oh Noes, Handy Manny is coming on in 15 minutes. Better find something to do while Elijah is sucked in.  Enjoy your day :)


I still have a scarf to mail you.
I know you do, and believe me i will be making much use of it soon enough <3
Well. If you're going to be in OOOO-tah in a few weeks, I should mail it to you once you're out there: if I send it to you now, it'll take a while to get there, what with making sure it isn't a terrist plot from us canuckistanis.
Im gonna be stuck here for a while still, anywhere from 3 months to 5 months. Who knows yet.

And when they see your name on it, they will be askerd. You know you crazy Canadians, you could be mailing me some hockey pucs or some liberal gay couple or something. OH NOES!!! :p

Well, email me your mailing addie then: wren.fae AT gmail DOT com.
Depending on your EFC and depending on if you take loans ... you could live on your FA ... as long as you keep living expenses down. You can complete the SAR online and it will tell you what your EFC is once you complete it. The max Pell grant is 4400 per year ... so whatever your EFC is subtract it from the 4400 and that's what you have for school and expenses. Also, since Utah is his home of record you both should be able to get in state tuition but you really need to check on that. And if you do NOT qualify for "in state tuition" I would advise waiting the year it usually takes to get in state.

Below is the link for the SAR, you'll need the tax return you just filed and the school(s) you possibly want to attend ... that way they can send your info to the school's FA depts and they can help give you a better idea of what you're both looking at.


Wuv yall .... take care !!
We both qualify as utah residents, as that is my home of record and where he enlisted. And if not, we can always have them work around it, as he is military. I did some research on a fafsa approximater online and it said we qualified for the full amount. He's lucky as he's got some GI bill and VA benefits to fall on, me not so much. So Im wondering if it is possible to go to school and support two kids, although I think its going to be ridiculously tight. yay, debt.

I did go through all of this when I thought I was moving to Utah the first time and found I did qualify for quite a bit. Im just nervous because I dont like things unplanned :)

Wuv you too, hope everything starts looking up soon.
And the Pell grant is only 1 of the grants that's are available. I hope I didn't scare ya by saying you could live on less than 8800 a year ... LOL
you won't have to worry about an Estimated Family Contribution, because you're married and have dependents. People in the military, besides getting all of that from the GI bill, also get preference for grants.
They also estimate cost of attendance, and for the feds it goes up when you're a junior/senior in school. Like I get something like $15K/year cost of attendance, and when I was getting financial aid, about half of it was grants and the other half loans.
What you want to worry about is whether you want to get loans or not, because full scholarships/grants are hard to come by depending on the major.
Most schools have daycares for while you're going to class, so it's nice to get the free daycare.


Premiere TONIGHT!!!!!!! I saw a clip of it on Ellen today and it confused and interested me all at the same time. Crazy. And they now have their own action figures!?!?

Nuttier than squirrel shit. Seriously.