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ponytail girl

June 2010

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oh no you didnt

taking a quick break from the black hole that is Ebay. You know, with Elijah we never had to worry about "seasons". Rhiannon on the other hand... all of her current clothes are all summery. 3-6 (which she's in) and then her 6-9 as well. It actually starting to get chilly now, so she needs dresses with arms and such. Most of her hand me down clothes are sleeveless and just have little bloomers underneath. With Eli, we threw him in jeans and a tshirt and a jacket and we were good to go. With Little Miss, we've got hair stuff and outfits and stockings and shoes. Fun, but a serious pain in the butt. I just cant seem to find an affordable lot of winter clothes on Ebay to save my life.

Ive got to get the kids costumes too, rhiannons is too big, eli's too small. I'll come up with something, even if i have to make it.

My 'inner Mormon' came out today. I baked Chocolate Chip Pumpkin bread this morning and it KICKED ASS. Made entirely too much, but it's really good.

I don't know that I have much to say, I just felt the need to rant about the ebay thing. Maybe one of you with girls understands what I mean. It comes with us being the poor and having clothing trades. You get what you get, and make due. Maybe I will stick some shirts under the dresses or something for warmth. I dunno.

I can only imagine the Wagar-scicles that will be showing up in a couple months. These Texas kids are going to freeze. :)


WHat size do you need? I'll go look and see what I have. I'll sell them cheap!
anything 6-9 or 9-12 right now. She just needs warmer clothes at this point. Im so worried about these kids in the winter weather and the snow :)
Hey! I dug out some clothes for you! They are all 3-6 or 6-9months. I also have a hat and some mittens. They are brand new.

Outfits: Six sets.

Pajamas & a couple of these can be worn as outfits. Seven of these.

3 pants and a long sleeved onesie.
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Hat & Mittens.

How about $30 dollars for everything and that includes shipping with delivery conformation. I can also throw in some socks for free if you need them too! Everything is in great condition! Audrey had a ton of clothes when she was that age because her aunt got carried away, so you know she probably didn't wear this stuff more than twice! I take Paypal or you can send me a MO. Let me know! If you think I'm charging too much let me know. I think it should probably cost around 7-8 dollars to ship, maybe more, so that's less than $2 an outfit.

I hope you like it all!
I almost forgot. I wanted to tell you that the 4th outfit over, the one with the bunnies on it, she did wear a lot b/c it was my favorite. It's fleece. Anyways, the bunny part does look worn. Just wanted to make sure you know. It's still cute though. I was debating on whether or not I should keep it or not b/c I love it so much. haha. It's Carters.

There is stuff form Carters, Tommy, and Gap in there.
aw those are so cute! Let me talk to Keith and see what he says. Do you take CC paypal? Im pretty sure I could do that right away and non-CC paypal around payday. Just let me know whatever is better.

Don't worry about the new clothes. I always wondered why people on Ebay are all about making sure clothes are new or new without tags. It makes me so depressed when I see that Rhiannon only wears an outfit a handful of times and grows out of it. Babies are so small that they don't mind someone else's used clothes. Well, as long as they don't have holes or some massive staining :)

Another thing I learned about Ebay is people's obsession with labels on their kids. Im not worried about brands, I look at what's cute, not on the labels :) We don't have the money for that, just for cuteness. Grandma on the other hand buys Eli Polo :).

ANYWHO, the clothes are adorable. Just let me run it past him and see what he says. We're pretty broke, but thats an awesome deal for cute clothes. And honestly, I would rather have them come from you then some stranger on Ebay. Thank you for the offer :-D
You are very welcome! I was happy to do it for you! Anytime you need anything for her run by me first and I'll see if I have something!

Yep, I take all forms of Paypal!
& yah I don't care about labels either. They do sell well on eBay though! I just like cute stuff.

The best outfits I have for Audrey are from Dollar General. lol. Those things hold up awesome.

Also, if you need some more cheap clothes. Target/Wal-Mart both have Hanes sweat outfits for $8 an outfit. They are really cute and warm!
Do me a favor and see if you have anything else or if you have anything that goes 9-12m or so. Don't worry about the socks because the girl has a million and a half :) Let me know and I will pay you for those too.

I usually watch for clearance whenever I can with either of these two, I try to get the best deal for the cheapest price. Its like a scavenger hunt :) I got them both swimsuits for next season, 1.00 for Eli's trunks and .75 for a bathing suit, coverup, sandals and a bag for Rhiannon. I am so proud :)

But yeah, let me know. I would hate for you to make a million trips to the P.O. for me, so the more the better :) Keith said it's all good since he knows she needs clothing right now.
Ok. I'll go look and I'll be back in about 20 minutes!
Ok. This is all that I have! Come chat w/me again when it gets warm again because I have tons of short sleeved stuff that she could wear next year!

All of the footed sleepers w/Looney Toons are 12months. They've never been worn. That red onesie is just something I'll throw in to see if you can use it. I really thought it was cute w/jeans, but it's short sleeved so she'll need some sort of jacket. The next is a bunny outfit that I LOVE it's 6-9 fits to 21lbs. And the last one is 12 months. Add $5 if you want this stuff.

This is a 6-9 Christmas dress from The Children's Place. I paid $20 for it I think and it was only worn twice. I'll give it to you for $7 if you want it! It's so cute!

I also have a pink snowsuit that is 0-9months. Audrey never wore it, but I just wanted to let you know that I have one if you want it. It's pretty heavy so I guess $8 dollars for that?

Let me know!