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ponytail girl

June 2010

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Oh snap!


I feel loved. The laptop I had on loan, well the neighbor took it back, but the other neighbor heard about it and loaned me theirs. Aww, look at all my enablers. They know I love the internets and need to keep me in my addiction.

I am so tired today. I don't understand why. I slept through the night for once (yay) and Elijah slept in until 6:30. Tomorrow Ive got his therapy first thing in the morning, which means walking over to the school around 7. It wouldn't be so bad except Eli walking takes hours for a few blocks. He is easily distracted.

I wish my daughter would grow some hair. It's pale blonde (sad) right now, so she looks bald. I didn't want to have her be one of those babies with no hair until she was 3, but it looks like thats what's coming. What do you think, should I pull out my hair dye? Haha.

Eli's costume fits him, so he's going to be a bat. We may run out this weekend to see if we can find something for Rhiannon.

Keith's been moved to Rear Detachment now. So he's officially not going. Good news is, he works a pretty solid 6AM to 4PM job, playing video games unless there's a detail (tax payer dollars hard at work). Bad news is another individual we don't want anything to do with is in Rear-D now. Keith says it's for another investigation, not just mine, but I can't help but wonder if it's my fault. It worries me that Keith will have some 16 hour shifts at night that this person would know about. But I will work it out. And sleep with a phone!

He should know something in about 3 months. It takes 4-6 weeks here (it's been 1 now), then 4-6 in Ft Lewis, WA and then 2 in D.C. Then we get the results for the disability. If he gets 30% we will maintain our benefits, Keith will just medically retire. The kids will even keep them until they are 18 or turn 21 and are in school. We're obviously hoping for that. But more than likely, he will get 10% and will have to appeal. I'm not sure if an appeal will keep him in the military, but we will see.

I'm going to upload those photos those links I posted the other day went to. So I will post the links later today from my flickr. This laptop is easier to use and way better than the other one I was using. IT DOESN'T EAT MY POSTS LIKE THE OTHER ONE DID.


ahemken7@hotmail is my paypal. sorry, i forgot to add that!
Hey Tina! Just wondering if you wanted that stuff or what. It's fine for you to pay me tomorrow, but I need to know so I can take it to my parents w/me. I'm leaving for there tomorrow and I'll be there until Monday night, so I want to put it in the mail while I'm there. I like their post office a whole lot better. Thanks!
my day yesterday was OMG nuts. I'll post in a wee bit about it. I'm paypaling you 35, for the original bunch and then 5 bucks for that other group of clothes. THe dress is really cute, but she's got like 5 xmas dresses, haha. I really appreciate it and sorry I neglected you yesterday :)
Ok! I'll send it today!