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http://holidaygrandplan.com/ Sad when that makes me more excited than anything. A simple website like that makes me super giddy. :) AND THE MOTIVATION! Yes.

I love the holiday season. It makes me turn into a total geek. Im considering making a wishlist on some website for ideas for the kids for xmas since I have a lot of people asking me recently what they need/like. I just hate wish lists (as I have said many times) because I don't want to gift grub. I think I may set up one for Rhiannon for diapers too, I don't know yet. I just don't want people to get the wrong impression. Eh, it's not like anyone really ever buys anything OFF of it, just uses it as a refrence.

Keith has DOODY (staff duty) tonight, so Im heading to Jess' for dinner and to let our kidlets run around like crazy men. It's raining, so Im hoping it clears up a bit before we walk over there.

I found out this morning none of the paperwork has been started for Keith's discharge and Im okay with that. He's not deploying this way. We still have income and a place to stay. Frankly, they can take their sweet time. Nothing has changed other than Keith's job being easier. Fine with me. So we may miss the snow this year... there's always next year.

Heroes is a rockin' show. Im really addicted right now. Add that to my list of tellie watching. Filth I tell you.

I updated Y!360 this morning. Check it out if you like. Thanks for reading my interuption :) Niki, icon is for you. The DVD is in his hands.
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