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ponytail girl

June 2010

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It really exsists!  I took this photo!


okay, really, what is so wrong with Bono and U2?

One of my online communities is so Anti-Bono and U2, I get offended when I read the comments. Seriously, I love U2. I love the music, the message, etc. I've gotten very close in just a section of the Zootopian nation, making very close friends. I have had one on one contact with the good the love of their band can create (the ONE banner that made it through the world and was signed by fans as a protest against poverty). Bono has created many contributions to society. I mean, would you have heard about ONE or (Red) if it wasn't for him? He makes you think. He certainly has been an influence on what I think about.

What is so wrong with a celebrity using his fame for good rather than personal gain? I'd rather read something about him than Paris Hilton or Lindsay Lohan anyday, dangit.

So loyal readers, I am curious. What do YOU think? I just wonder if I am in the minority over here.

And on the same line, Keith and I are doing some figuring this week and i am more than likely going to Hawaii to see U2 and Pearl Jam in December. He really wants to send me, knowing how excited i am for it. I.Am.Giddy. :-D

Pee Ess- Happy halloween and Merry Samhain. :)


I <3 U2

Seriously, if more 'celebs' were like Bono, the world would be a better place.

*pretend I spouted other tree-hugging, hippy, people loving crap here.* ;)