I'm just a boring example of everybody else (the_tina) wrote,
I'm just a boring example of everybody else

Im a dork, I know.

So I have finally figured out my phone. I love the stinking thing now. It's just like a minimal IPOD (I can only fit 100 songs on it or 450mb). So its kinda small, but good enough for me now. I just did a random napping from Itunes, which I had to install on the borrowed laptop. But between the temporary files of my music and itunes, Ive almost completely maxed out the harddrive. So that proves I can't use a laptop, although I think Keith is still going to want one and justify it with an external harddrive for me. Im never running the risk of panicky grabbing my music off a dying computer again. So I'll probably pick and choose some music later this morning to put on my phone. I can't live without having access to Discotheque, Relax, and Amadeus at my hands. I did forget about how much of a pain in the ass I am about ring tones. Seriously, Tina, a ringtone is not a status symbol. Just pick one and shut up. I finally settled on Rock the Casbar (catbox). Although I still don't like how it's edited. Meh, oh well, Im a nerd.

Keith's money needs to get here, I really need a place ticket. It's making me nervous as the dates are creeping up quickly which means prices are going to creep up as well. It's been officially decided I am going so long as we have the money in time. Im gonna go to Hawaii! Im gonna see Pearl Jam (Black plz) and U2 (far too many to name now). Im going to meet people I have only had a connection with online. I'm going to have a blast, although I don't know how Im going to deal with not having a kid for a few days, which I havent had in almost 4 years. I'm just going to keep hoping we have some good luck soon, this is my entire xmas gift.

Still no word on Keith's med board. They can just keep on with themselves.

I've got dinner and a movie as a going away party for 2 of my close friends here tonight with just the girls. Should be a killer time, except for going to see a movie with Ashton Kutcher in it. I cannot stand him. But I never pick out the movies because I have the weird taste. So I may not go, but I probably will... and bring my phone/earphones to block out his irritatingness. It's only a dollar haha.

Keith and I have had xmas music on for 2 days now. Won't be long until we drag out the tree. :)
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