I'm just a boring example of everybody else (the_tina) wrote,
I'm just a boring example of everybody else

Today is Eli's birthday party.  Tomorrow is his actual birthday (yipe!!!).  We're just having friends and some kids over, have some ice cream cake and social hour.  Eli picked out Happy Feet for his bday theme, so my house looks like someone threw up penguins all over it.  Black and white streamers and balloons.  We bought him a few things, but his biggest gift was a bike, seen here.  He can barely reach the pedals, but he loves it.  Although I will say he was more excited about the balloons we spent half the night blowing up.  Next year - helium, I tell you what.  We also got him a new book for his leappad that he adores and some replacement play-do.  I'll either get those to him today or tomorrow.  Not sure.  I do know he got birthday spankin's this morning and will get more tomorrow :)

It's that time again for xmas cards.  I will do my wishlist later, although I won't expect too much attention paid to it again this year.  More like a point of reference for Keith.  If you would like a card from us, please email me your address  Justine.Wagar @ gmail.com.  We're waiting for my friend to upload our family photos for cards, soon as we get those I will be ordering something small from the internets.  So get on the bandwagon since I am losing a week this Dec. for my trip.

Speaking of my trip, my sister isnt going.  It makes me suicidal.  I luff my sister.  But that just means I won't be able to drink Mojitos without her.  I'll still have fun, but it won't be the same.  For one, I won't be sharing a bed!!!  

In closing, if you want to get something for the person who has everything or you just can't decide, order from Heifer.Org.  It's an amazing company that puts your dollar to good use.  That's the route I am going for quite a bit this year.  Its a gift that keeps on giving.  And even if you're all done shopping (and if so, I hate you) go check out the site anyways.  It will help you rediscover true Xmas spirit.
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