I'm just a boring example of everybody else (the_tina) wrote,
I'm just a boring example of everybody else

It's the wee monkey's birthday.today.  He is 4. I don't know what I was expecting, but he's been on the warpath since he woke up around 6ish this morning.  He woke me up crying because "Daddy threw away all the birthday decorations!!!".  The cute thing that came with the Happy Feet theme was the party hats.  They aren't hats, but masks that look like penguin faces.  I got photos, but theyre on *gasp* a normal camera!!  So we have to do that old fashioned thing called developing film (you remember that, dont you?) and scan them and put them on the internets.  It could be a while.  haha.  But he keeps running around with the mask on his face.  It's kinda cute.  He had a fun day yesterday although I did feel like putting a boot in a few people's butts, but that comes with having people I really don't like in my house.  Eli's cake dyed my fingers pink, good job with the dye Walmart.  That's what I get for buying a cake.  I thought it would be fancy to just buy one.  Next year, I am making a cake.  A fancy one.  Im going to learn to decorate cakes before that.  20 bucks for that cake just wasn't worth it when I could have made one for 5 bucks.

Ive been trying to find a good book to read on my ridiculous flights.  Any recomendations?  I want something that will be fulfilling and I won't want to put down.  Something I will be excited to finish.  Otherwise Im just going to wind up reading Swan Song again.  Something about the meaning of life and direction or something.  I dont know.

Researching books on Amazon last night, I was reading about HSP (highly senstive people) which sounds a bunch like me.  But I wonder if it's a cult like thing, seeing as its all written by the same woman.  It seems a lot like empathy, but I dunno.  It certainly makes sense when it comes to me.  I always get embaressed by my weird quirks, like music making me so emotional I cry when I hear it, the crying at concerts from the energy, taking offense to things that are clearly not meant to be taken that way.  I always get my feelings hurt, way more than I should (IE only one person sending me their address).  Yesterday I read about children needing to be 'adopted' on a website and cried because they were just so beautiful and it wasn't fair.  Like I said, weird quirks.

The Olsons are on the today show right now.  I dont know which is which, but one of them has this brown dress that is so ugly I can't stand it.  They have the darkest circles under their eyes, it looks like they havent slept in months.  And why would two 19 or 20 year olds really care about preteen clothes?  Why don't they just hire people to do that?  Anyways, Im sure you all don't care about that.

I got a new couch this weekend.  Well, new to me at least.  Friend of mine is moving, so she gave us her couch.  It's a huge L-shaped with a pull out bed and 2 recliners.  I love it.  It opens up my living room and makes it look very nice in here.  I finally have rid myself of the ugliest couches known to man kind.  NO MORE COUCH COVERS!  HUZZAH!!! YAY!!!  My house is actually starting to look a little like a real house instead of a dorm room.

Does anyone know of a company that does donations that ISNT Christian based?  I don't mind them being Christian, I just wish I could find someone that wouldn't take my money into a country that isn't Christian and push their beliefs out.  I can't find any.  Do they exsist?  Christians are great for helping, I just want to find someone to help without the motives of needing to convert people.

And now I have to seperate my kids, theyre whooping on each other :)
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