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ponytail girl

June 2010

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ponytail girl

for those of you concerned with me not posting because I went into labor, you got your wish. :) No baby yet, which is good because he would have been 6 weeks early. I woke up this morning with bleeding and cramping. It didnt concern me, and when doc mom came home for lunch, I told her about it, and I had to go into the doctor.

He said I was 1.5" dialated and things were beginning to soften, hence the bleeding. I am having contractions (I got put on one of those monitor thingies for like 45 min to measure them) but they aren't consistent yet. They range from every 7 to every 15 minutes. I am showing signs of premature labor, so I am on bed rest until my next appt. Meaning I have to keep my feet elevated and not move around too much. So Im not sure about how much posting I am going to be able to do.

If you need me, feel sorry for me and want to talk to my pathetic self, or if for any reason at all you want to talk, leave me a comment and I will email you my phone number. Don't worry though, everything looks fine and unless the contractions get worse then I will be okay :)


As long as you're okay...and the baby's okay too. Take care of yourself, girlie.
hey, i'll give you a call and keep you company if you want, i don't have your # anymore though, so i'll need that (:
Take care girly and try to hold on till "daddy" gets here...

Send me your number and I'll send you back mine! Keep me updated. =)
u know whats odd? i had a dream about u giving birth last night... u had a girl... i dont know exactly y i dreamt this and i completely forgot about it until i read this post but... yeah... strange...
Hang in there and stick to the bedrest! I had all 3 of my girls prematurely and it is no fun at all! I'll be thinking about you and keeping you and your lil angel in my prayers. :o)
You're gonna have a baby a baby a baby hehe. Sorry. It'll be ok. They got all sorts of medical stuff now a days so even if you do deliver premature you and the baby should be fine. I'll be thinking about you. Do everything the docs tell you to. I would hate for you to give birth the day before your hubby comes home or something like that. I think every woman has the right to have her hubby or SO in the delivery room so he can experiance this with her. lol Good luck!
hehe, i just realized that you said you were 1.5 inches dialated (:


lol, I thought it meant CM. Dorkie tina. I have some news for you btw. Im not going to bragg. :( Which sucks. But I think I made off with a good deal. Im going to Hawaii!! So you can still come visit me :)