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ponytail girl

June 2010

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It really exsists!  I took this photo!

trip recap

I have to do this quickly as I am losing the computer today, as I was reminded last night almost 15 minutes after I walked in from a 24 hour flight.  I am extremely jet lagged and I don't feel good at all.  But I wanted to get this all down before I forget.

Wednesday: I woke up and went to the airport.  I am not a good flier at all.  I flew from El Paso into Salt Lake, which wasnt too horrible.  I bought a 7.50 sandwich in SL since I was starving and couldn't believe the price.  I bought a mojito on the plane to Honolulu to keep me calm since there was a bit of turbulance.  Nasty.  I finally got there in one piece after about 8 hours.  My parents were running slightly late, but my mom met me at the baggage claim and snapped a really really bad photo of me.  I didn't feel too great, obviously.  We got my bag and met my dad outside with their rental car, a convertable.  We didnt make too much use of the convertible top though as it was so sunny for us pale people.  We drove up to our condo, which I totally could have lived in every day.  It had valet service and everything.  We had a one bedroom apartment, facing Waikiki beach.  We had a massive porch, where we wound up spending most of our time.  It was gorgeous.  We walked to the infamous ABC stores on every corner and got some booze and toodled around.  Went back to the hotel room and watched the sunset from our lanai.  My dad went and got some chinese place that was recomended to us.  It had to be some of the best food I have ever eaten.  They had something I think that was called Hawaiian prawns and it was to die for.  That night, we went down to Waikiki and walked on the beach.  It was really nice and relaxing.

Thursday: We drove out to North Shore to see the massive waves we had heard about.  There were no surfers though, only closed out beaches.  The waves were at least 10 ft.  We walked in some more waves and got all sandy.  My mom busted over some coral and it was probably one of the funniest things all week.  Mostly we spent the day driving to look at that whole side of the island.  Went to the Dole Plantation to poke around in the tourist shop.  We got some snacks to try, I got chocolate covered pineapple, which was very good actually.  We went to a local grocery store to pick up some stuff for a potluck my mom's friends were having that night.  I found my creamer in Honolulu, haha.  We had the most fantastic Mall sushi ever.  15 pieces for 5 bucks, including sashimi.  I tried this weird lychee bubble tea drink.  I wish we would have taken a photo of it, it was soooo weird.  It didn't taste bad, it just had these weird massive jello-like spheres in it, which I think were lynchee seeds.  I gave it to my dad because it was just that funky.  We went to Walmart too, debating what to buy for spending the night in the GA line.  Then we went back the the airport to pick up my mom's friend.  Dropped her off and went back to our room to set up for the dinner.  We walked over to her friend's hotel and to the dinner.  There was a weird vibe in the air, but I figured it was because it was hot and I didnt know any of the people that were there, although I had talked to some of them on the internet.  It was the beginning of me learning a valuable lesson on meeting people on the internets.  I decided to call my friend Beth and see what her and my other friend Susan were doing that night.  They were heading to Duke's for the unofficial Zootopian meet up.  So that is where I went.  

Dukes was probably one of the most fun things I did while I was there.  I am not  a bar person by any means, but this was different.  Dukes is a resturaunt/bar that is outside and partially on the beach.  I met Beth and Susan outside, which I was so excited for.  I absolutely adore these two and Beth is like a big sister to me and I finally got to meet her.  I had 3 mai tais and thought I was going to be so hung over in the morning.  Mai Tais are great, but they will kill you.  I met a ton of people there that I was looking forward to meeting, including a very drunk Trev who kept pointing me out to everyone yelling "that's DJ JUSTYNE!!!".  I can't describe the feeling of you telling people your online name and having them yelling "OH REALLY I KNOW YOU" and being so excited to see you.  So cool.  I met so many people there, I can't remember the half of them.  But it was really neat putting faces with screen names and I had a ball, even stumbling back the hotel with my dad.

Friday: the day of doom.  We had a very lazy day the next day, until noon when I got a call from Eileen, who called me to inform me that they had been handing out bands for the GA line up that morning.  My mom went online and found out the people she was around last night had decided to go up to the stadium the night before to get armbands from the fan line to line up.  They had gotten bands for everyone - except my family.  When my mom called to confront them, they gave some lame excuse about forgetting to call us.  So we got cleaned up and drove to the stadium.  There were already 100 people lined up, outside of the stadium.  We got bands, our numbers being in the 270s.  We were told they would only be honored if we showed up for the official line up at 6 that night.  We had the dinner cruise and didn't want to not go on that.  So we decided after the way we were treated, we wanted nothing with the people we knew were lining up.  So instead we went back to the hotel, which took us 2 hours.  It was crazy driving that day.  Honolulu was packed with people for the marathon, the concert, this huge surf competition out at north shore, and the Pearl Harbor people.  We got back with enough time to do some freshening up and went to meet our bus for the cruise.

The cruise was definitely interesting.  It was nice going on a dinner cruise, but hard to be around the people who called us important but when it came down to it, only thought about themselves.  However, the highlight was meeting Eileen, who I have been very close to on the internet.  She was exactly what I expect and a total sweetheart.  She even brought me a gift of candies and a snowman ornament, which Eli put on our tree this morning.  The food was good and I got to try taro bread, which I love now.  The sad part was we noticed a lot of people skipping the cruise to go into the unofficial line.  We just went back to the room and hung out until we went to bed.

Saturday: we woke up late and laid around all day and decided to head up to the stadium around 2ish.  We had decided to just deal with whereever we were stuck and have the best time there.  We got right to the stadium when expecting traffic and went for coffee.  We got into the stadium and were actually standing 1 person back on the outside of the elipse on Edge's side.  It was really close, especially since we decided we werent crazy enough to stay there overnight.  Especially when we heard they lined everyone up in cages and wouldn't let them leave except for 15 min to go to the bathrooms.

Rocko did great, it was really fun to watch them perform, except for fans booing them and wanting them off the stage.  Pearl Jam was good, except they didn't play Black which I was disappointed about.  But they did do some old PJ (but not Jeremy, which I thought was weird).  I heard Why go and Better Man which made me happy.  U2 rocked the house, the performances of Sometimes You Cant Make it on Your Own and Miss Sarajevo were just - wow.  During the third encore, Billie Joe from Green Day showed up to play Saints with U2.  Then PJ and U2 played Rocking in the Free World.  So cool

And during the concert, people from Lost were walking around and they waved to me... I dont know the real names, but Kate, Locke, Charlie (oh yes, Dominic is hotter in person!), Jin, Hugo, and Desmond were just strutting around taking photos.  It was crazy, but it made me giddy.

Sunday: This was the day of the marathon, we woke up early to watch and went back to bed.  Got up and went shopping.  Got the kids and keith tshirts, coffee, and food.  I got Eli a seashell and a monkey coconut bank.  He loves them.  Then we got a call from Beth and she was just coming over the finish line.  I can't believe the woman ran 26 miles!  So we got her and took her back to her hotel.  And then we went to the airport....

My parents were lucky enough to get their flights changed to a straight through flight.  I got stuck on 3 flights, with a total of 24 hours of traveling.  And that's where Im at now.  Ive written down the important stuff, my mind is blah right now, i just wanted to make a quick recap on this all.

My best parts of hawaii would have to be waking up the ocean breeze in the morning, the turn down service with a new Hawaii treat every night, and POG and coconut rum.

The hardest thing was learning people you thought cared about you really don't.

I had two extremes, either the people I met exceeded my expectations in good or bad.  The people I was the most excited to meet went above and beyond what I thought they were and I had the time of my life.  It was great.  I will miss them all badly and hope to see them again, some day.


Sounds like a fun trip! I hope I can make it back to Hawaii someday.

The balls in bubble tea are tapioca. Everyone in my department in Seattle was crazy about it, but I never cared for any of the flavours I tried.
I knew what bubble tea was and Ive always wanted to try it, but I had no idea that the tapioca would be black! I had just assumed it would be whitish, like I am used to it being. That's why we thought it would have been the lynchee seeds. Interesting.

hawaii is beautiful and I am already planning a second trip back. There is so much we didnt see, but the main goal of it all was just relaxation and we accomplished that.
Bubble tea is the creepiest thing ever. I can't even deal with it, it's so weird. But then, I have texture issues :-)