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ponytail girl

June 2010

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Im back again...

Im back on the internets now. Went out last night and bought new computers (yes, there is an s on there). I am now the proud owner of my very own laptop I don't have to share. He just needs a name. Yes, I like to name inantimate objects. So what? Haha.

Other than having a new computer I love highly, Im having an overly stressful "my son is a pain in the butt" day. I have a headache and I feel sickly. And yes, after 3 months of not having my own computer, that's all I have to say about it. Between kid duty, Ive just been watching youtube videos of the concert. I also grabbed a MP3 of Bono's performance of Miss Sarajevo which was incredibly powerful. I will add it to my come back show next Friday. There's just too much work for me to throw together a show overnight not to mention getting everyone informed that I will be broadcasting next week. It's just been nice to have the world at my keyboard again. Living without a computer in this day and age might kill you. Not to mention I realized it cost lots o' money to use messengers on my cell phone. Oops.

No big plans for the weekend, just getting ready for the impending move. Keith's paperwork isn't in yet, but probably will be middle of next week. Then it's a month until it comes back here with the percentage. So we'll probably be in the Ootah by my birthday, so early to mid-Feb. A bit scary if you ask me.

I hope everyone had a fantastic holiday. I havent been able to go back and read everything, so let me know if something substantial happened to you!! :) Kid photos will probably be coming soon too.


yay for having the tina back, boo for you getting a laptop before me :P
Yeah, Keith is medboarding out of the military, so he won't be in the army much longer. But as of right now, he is still a medic :)