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HAPPY NEW YEAR! *throws confetti* yay!

Just a small post in here to say happy new year. I decided to jump on the resolution bandwagon. My resolution is to be healthier - get off my duff, eat better, and choose more organic/fair trade products when I can afford them. I have joined weight watchers online and am planning on sticking to it because I have a massive incentive that I can't write about until my sister gets the news. When we get to Utah, my mom is joining up with me, so I will have support. After looking at my photos from Hawaii, I have a bit of a kick in the butt.

2006 was one of the best and worse years of my life, a lot of good and bad came out of it. The best being Rhiannon, of course. I am excited for 2007. I am going to make this my year. Hopefully by the end of the year I will be running a 5k for charity some how. I really want to make that one of my goals. And I have to quit typing or else my massive news is going to spill out all over the computer. And then I will be in trouble. :)

I cant believe I will be 25 in a month. Im getting so old, right Ella? :)
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