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ponytail girl

June 2010

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I like my boys in glasses

Because Ramiah tells me what to do...

ramiah_johnson: yeah, you should post it
ramiah_johnson: you don't post enough pictures of those brats
ramiah_johnson: make me look like an overposter


santa is looking mighty creepy and i wouldn't have let him hold my children.
but the kids are gorgeous.
He was kinda creepy in that photo, but he made a good santa. Rhiannon was screaming her head off and he was really good calming her down. Santa is one of those things you are always weirded out about, but every time we would walk by him before the kids got the photo (he was right outside of the military walmartish store) he would wave hi to Eli and Eli just loved him.

Thanks :)
I agree. Santa is looking lecherous there. LOL What a great picture of the kidlets though!
Awwww! They are so sweet! She looks adorable in that outfit!
I had forgotten rhiannon was in one of Audrey's old outfits! I remember now when we took that I thought "oooh, amy is going to love seeing those clothes being put to good use!". :)
You're such a good listener!

I miss your kidlets :( Caleb needs a friend! (even if they never got along anyway, hehe)
Even with you two as parents, your kids still turned out cute! How great that must feel! ;)

They really are getting sooo big. Adorable.

(santa is way creepy)