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First thing, my show has been postponed from this week to the next due to management issues. As in, my manager he has the issues. Heehee. Actually vasa has suggested waiting until next week for more promo and reorganizing things to show my come back show. Luckily with having a laptop now, even with the move I should be okay just going somewhere and broadcasting. If it goes as planned, I won't have to worry about having to take yet another damn haitus. We'll see. So yeah, move that friday to NEXT week, plz. Kthx.

So my big news? My parents decided to tell me at around 12:15AM on new years that they are taking all of us (them, my sisters, Keith and I, and the kidlets) on a cruise to Mexico over next years New Years eve. They have reserved Keith, the kids and I, an Oceanview room and have gotten them and my sisters a very huge suite right next to where the captain drives the ship. They mainly got that for Mr Elijah to go "pretend" like he's sailing the boat. They were going to keep it secret longer, although I don't know how much longer it would have lasted, but now we all need passports. Which means I finally need to get a birth certificate. Yeah, I don't have one. My dad says its because they scraped me off the slime under a rock in a really dark musty cave. I think it's most likely because we moved too much as a kid, lol.

Keith has also been mentioning that he wants us to do a vow renewal while we're on the ship. It will be 5 and a half years married when we get on the ship. And it would be a small makeup for our shot gun wedding. He knows one of my biggest regrets was not having my sisters or mom at our wedding (paperwork). So he wants to try again with everyone there. Not to mention my dad is spreading it around that we're going to the extended family to see who else will go with us. Should be a lot of fun and am very excited.

It also made me realize my biggest disappointment in Hawaii was being too ashamed to do much of anything. I was too worried about my weight and seeing the photos made me sad. I'm not at my highest weight, but Im still not tiny. I have decided I will do something about it before the cruise because I refuse to let my weight hold me back from enjoying myself while there. I refuse to let my sisters run around in bikinis while I am sitting on the side in my jeans whining about how I am too fat (dont worry, I will never wear an actual bikini. I would probably be more of a shorts and tshirt in the pool person). I don't want to tell Eli or Rhiannon that mommy won't swim with them. So I am on day 3 of weight watchers and I am doing great actually. It hasn't been hard at all this time. The one thing I do notice about doing WW is it makes me much more in tune with my food and I spend a lot of time choosing what we eat. Last night I made steak fajitas and had so much fun chopping up all the fresh veggies. And for being a WW recipe, Eli and Keith sure went to town on it. The only thing Keith complained about was the light sour cream, but I told him tough caca and to buy his own if he wanted it. I also picked up some Kashi Go Lean Crunch cereal and it was a heck of a lot better than I expected. I seriously think I could eat that every morning, especially with how good I feel right now. Im not much of a breakfast person, but it was good.

Anyways, Im sure that is boring for you guys and my new dryer is buzzing at me to go fold some laundry. So back to work I go. Hope everyone has a good day :)
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