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My mom has been nagging me to update, so I am. Yay.

Holy crap dude, I hate global warming. It's been so cold here lately. I know to some of you, it will seem not that cold, but this is EL PASO we're talking about. It's been like 30 degrees the past week. We're supposed to be getting snow again this weekend, second time this year. Im sure if you turn on the weather channel I am sure you will see it. We had a severe weather warning from 2AM to 11AM this morning. It's cold rain and teeny tiny hail right now. I did see some snow flakes, but it didn't stick. And I'm supposed to go play Bunco tonight! I know El Paso tends to freak out more than it should when it comes to nasty weather - mostly because people don't know how to drive in it. Some schools have closed, but the colleges and Ft Bliss are still open for now. It shouldn't be a big deal, but we literally live in a big concrete block here. There's no such thing as insulation because we just don't need it. BRR!!! It's stinking cold. I want to crawl back in bed and get toasty, but I dont think the kids would like that idea, so instead we're in the living room watching a Leapfrog DVD about the alphabet. At least we still have power.

I cut all my hair off this weekend. My best friend Jess drug me in. I was chickening out until she basically went and signed me up. If my hair wouldn't have been so damaged, I probably could have donated it. I think they took off 10 inches! I havent had a hair cut in about 4 years. So the woman hacked it all off. It's right around my shoulders with a bunch of layers. If you ask nice, I may show you a photo. It's cute, but its way shorter than I am used to. At least I can brush it and not use as much conditioner. yay!

As of this morning, I am now a Tastefully Simple consultant. Anyone interested in buying anything? You'll have to let me know. Once I get my first order, I can sign up for a website and I know that's where all my buisness is coming from. I was really wishy washy for a while about it, but the truth is, the food is hella good and it sells itself. The trick for me is going to be meeting people to buy and to have parties. It will snowball from there, but seriously, who doesn't like free food? You go to a party, you eat, you spend your money. At least, that's what I did! :) I'm sure you'll be hearing a lot about this from me. But really, buy stuff now. Hahaha.

My diet is going well. I've lost 7lbs now. Not bad for almost a month. I've been introducing all sorts of new recipes in the house and Keith actually asked me "if this diet food is so good, why havent we been eating like this already?!?". Pain in the butt. The best thing I made was a marinated chicken breast with KeyLime salsa. It was fantastic! Eli really enjoyed my chicken fingers the other night too. Tonights menu is probably more chicken, but it's good. So yay for the diet. I'm going to be tiny by the cruise I hope :)

go check out the website and tell me if you're interested. Seriously. I worry about having to make my quota, hahahas. JK. Hope everyone is having a great day!
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