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ponytail girl

June 2010

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ponytail girl

the baby is still baking. but i keep thinking something bad is happening so Im on my toes to go to the hospital if I need to. Keith is freaking out over it something fierce. He's informed his whole chain of command about the situation and is having an emergency meeting with his chaplain tonight. He's called me already today to check up on me and has a bunch of ways to get a hold of me, and I have 30 billion to get ahold of him.

Bed rest stinks bad. I hate it. Im bored.

and in other news, I got our assignment and I know where we're getting stationed. It's not Bragg!!!! *GASP* I about had a heart attack. As of 20020428 we will be

Fort Shafter HAWAII!!!!

Can you imagine? Im excited and sad at the same time. I was looking forward to going to bragg. And now Im going to Hawaii!! AAAAHHHH!!!! lol


My friends were stationed in HI..assuming same base as they are army..they said it was really nice...also I have a friend re-enlisting and he is going to HI...princesslena21 is stationed in HI right now (she is navy)
I am sure you will get used to it and just think NO SNOW! :) I hate the cold right now and want to GET OUT!! lol
I know how bed rest is and I concur. The only thing that made it bearable for me to get through was thinking about the baby and each day that went by was one more day for the baby. Don't forget about the Red Cross! They are super for getting that spouse home in emergency situations! When I had my daughter prematurely back in 92 my in-laws called The Red Cross and Mike was there the next day. Granted he did not make it for her birth but he was there in the end.
i was reading that and i saw bragg out of the corner of my eye and i go SOOOOO happy... only to have it ripped away. what am i gonna do at bragg all by myself?! i'll actually have to go out and make friends, i hate being socialable (sp?) if i don't know that i already like the person (: hawaii sounds pretty cool though, i hope you enjoy it there, maybe i'll come visit you (: hehe
I'm heading towards Bragg. We can be unsociable together.


I won't be there till probably Jan 2004 since I'm trying to finish my Bachelors degree and I'll be done with that Dec 2003. But I'd love to be unsociable with someone. Hehe.
Hawaii sounds fun. It's expensive to live over there. My mom's friend's hubby was in the military and they were at Pearl Harbor for like 10 years then he got out and they moved back to South FL since it always has been their home. She said living in Hawaii sorta ruined the magic of the place for her. Best of luck to you. I hope you and the baby will be fine.


We're on our way to HI right now! We'll be there right before Christmas and will be there for three years. Mike will start out in Replacement at Schofield Barracks, but will probably get stationed on Ft. Shafter after we get there.