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ponytail girl

June 2010

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I like my boys in glasses

I really hate it when I get out of bed and Keith's coming in from PT (well, he goes in but can't do PT) and asks me if Im in a good mood. It's always bad. Today he is stuck working CQ. Normally I don't mind him working CQ, but it's the last minute notice that kills me. Today was payday and I was planning on braving the commisary for grocery shopping. But instead he's working 2 of the 3 sections of CQ. And twice more this month, although I have notice for those. I always can find things to do when he's not home that I slack on or don't find time for, so I don't care. It's just something that irritates me. I have a new mantra- one more month. One more month. :)

Let's talk TV for a minute. I am sadly addicted to the television, but it's mainly a few shows. I mostly DVR them and watch them when I find time. It happened when Keith was deployed and has just stuck around now. I am so excited for the finale of Top Chef tonight. I think I am the only person who really likes Marcel. I keep telling Keith he's the Jimmy Nuetron of the cooking world. He's endearing in a nerdy way and I don't like Ilan's cockiness. Plus that hair is so cool. And lately I am finding any reason I can to watch shows based in Hawaii (I have a love affair with Hawaii right now). I wish LOST was back on air, they're killing me with this haitus. At least Heroes is back on, which is friggin' sweet even though it's not in Hawaii.

Other thing with TV, as everyone knows I am seriously addicted to the weather channel. I watch it every night and leave it on while I sleep. It's a weird habit I have that I will have to break when we actually have an electric bill. Of course, it's mostly because I am nervous in this house. Anyways, I occasionally catch the "It Could Happen Tomorrow" show. That show FREAKS ME OUT. Even the commericals freak me out. I guess it's because it's unpredictable to a certain extent and realizing the powers of nature that can't be controled. I think that show has scared me more than a lot of horror movies I have seen.

WIC is annoying me recently. I am appreciative of tax dollars going towards us getting free food and all that. But Feb. is the last month we get formula since March will be Rhiannon's first birthday (I had to wean Rhiannon a couple months ago for medical reasons, in case you didn't know). That's completely understandable. What frustrates me is they cut the cans we get in half on the last month. They say it's because they want to switch the kids over to milk. I thought babies couldn't have cow milk until they were a year old. I guess by now they should almost completely be eating table food, which she is. But she still has no teeth and I am so parinoid about feeding her food. She is a spoiled little Princess in my eyes. I was never like this with Eli, I worry way too much about her. She eats like a pig, but has a really boring diet of peas, baby cereal, cheerios, cheese and sometimes eggs. We cut our food up very small and feed her that as well, but I always worry about that too. I know a lot of babies don't get teeth until a year or so, but it's so drastic from Elijah and his 6 teeth at 5 months and 2 every 2 weeks after. I probably worry too much.

I'm having issues setting up my account to take credit cards right now. I'm annoyed. I guess I will just have to take paypal until I can get it all worked out. It shouldn't be too much of an issue until my party. I have to take credit cards, it's my own fault for waiting until last minute. They just want to charge me so much to set up my account and I've been ignoring it. Of course, it's probably because I haven't legally changed my name. I think after this issue, Im changing my social security card. I really didn't want to, I love my maiden name. But it's probably going to cause issues getting my passport issued and everything. I need to just get over it and do it. I may actually surprise Keith on v-day with it, lol. He has always wanted it official, but never pushed the issue because he knew how I feel about officially changing my name. It's the same thing with calling me Mrs. I can't stand that.

I am so ready for school now, I can't wait to enroll. I am ready to buy a house. I am ready to be a quasi-adult finally. Just a week and a half to 3 weeks and we will have the final paperwork to finally move on from this part of our life. I still need to change my lj name. Be prepared, the name change is coming soon.


Go the BX and the commissary for me please. Then go to McD's and drop off my uniforms. Then run to Mike's work and get ice. Then go get Kira from school. Then go to Micheal's school and set up the snack bar and sell food until 8 tonight. Then go to the booster meeting for me. Then take Micheal's friend home and come home and bathe Kira and get her to do her homework and, and, and, and, and. In other words I don't wanna do any of this shit and I have been sitting here wasting time when I should be out runnning all of my errands. LOL I did at least get my shower and my hair is done. I need to put some benadryl lotion on my face since I am having a reaction to SOMETHING (Lord only knows what THIS time). I also need to put on my shoes and put all my stuff in the car and get moving. I still don't wanna!!!!!!!!!!
I survived though barely. I have a splitting headache. I need to eat but I just want a warm bath, drugs, and sleep. Tomorrow is not looking any better for me either. =/ I have a retirement party at 1000. Have to get Micheal to school at 0930 even though he is not supposed to be there before 1000. Can't be in two places at once. After the retirement party I have to go back to Micheal's school for parent teacher conferences. Then leave Micheal for practice, run and get a money order, pick up Kira, get Micheal from practice at 1800, cook dinner, and there is soooooooooo much more. Cross your fingers that Coach finds out tomorrow that they are in fact going to Belen Friday and Saturday. That would mean no Friday practice for Micheal and nothing on Saturday! I need this weekend OFF! The girls have school tomorrow and all three are out of school on Friday. It seems I have something to do Friday morning but I can't remember what so I am delegating that my sleep in day! LOL

I'm so going to bed and shooting myself in my sleep over and over again so I won't wake up. Oh and starting tomorrow I have to take my blood pressure/pulse six times a day for the next month! I am NOT HAPPY!!!!!!!! Tina come save me from the insanity please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
lol. It cracks me up that you are addicted to the weather channel! I guess it's better than Food Network! I LOVE that station. :P