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ponytail girl

June 2010

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It's official now. Notice the name change? Yeah, we got word today that everything is back and we will be out of here in 30 days. I am just a bit frazzled at this idea. I guess I knew all along that it was coming, I just guess a part of me thought Keith would wind up back in Iraq. So, we're on our way out the door now, with the door hitting us in the ass on the way out. I had just thought it would be at least another week before it came back, but I guess not.

This past weekend was interesting. I had my first TS party and I sold 65 bucks worth of products. Sad. But a LOT of stuff went wrong, so I am completely prepared for the next party. I had to purchase all the products the host had to use (she's broke and it was unexpected), I had to cook everything, there were SO MANY SCREAMING KIDS, checks I couldn't cash, overcharging, people hating food and being dramatic about it, etc. BUT I did manage to schedule 2 more parties and I am very happy about that. Hopefully the one I have on the 15th will go over way better.

Shiwa went to the vet this weekend. Poor thing is sick. We're probably going to have to get her eyes tacked, which is to be expected with Sharpeis. She's doing much better though, just on a medicine regime. She's already 50lbs. She's freaking huge and strong. Im so glad we got her though. She's going to make this move tough, but she's not going anywhere.

Now to update everyone about the move. I get a daily notice on myspace asking me when we're moving :)


What does that mean, getting her eyes tacked? That just sounds cruel.

...and happy a birthday that must be. Love you, hon and let me know if there is ANY THING I can do for you all.