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ponytail girl

June 2010

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35 more days...

Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes. I had a decent birthday, but I think the best part was my sister completely forgetting my birthday and then chewing me out saying she wasn't going to call me everyday, lol. She's disowned for the time being. Keith let me sleep in until 9, which is nice considering it was an extra 2 hours than I normally get. He did have to work the entire day, but that was all right. My neighbor girls decided to throw me a little party outside in the afternoon. They got me some balloons and a bunch of weight watcher's cakes with those candles you can't blow out. It was really sweet, especially since they took my diet to thought. Keith brought me home a very nice bouquet of flowers and the second season of Scrubs. We got Applebee's carside and put the kids to bed, sat on the couch to eat and watched LOST. It was pretty decent though.

Tomorrow, 2 of my good friends are taking me out for a belated birthday dinner and bowling. That should be fun as well.

We have a final inspection on March 15. It's weird to think that we will be gone out of El Paso in about a month. It's about time. Last night was Keith's final CQ and that is so weird to think about. Its actually been a lot harder than I expected knowing we're leaving, but its not the situation, it's the friends.

Monday I am expecting a phone call from a loan specialist to try and get approved for a mortgage. Soon as we go through that, we can finally see where we're standing loanwise, and do some real house hunting. My dad has been a great help showing me places online and visiting a few I have been interested in. Right now I've got my eyes set on a Victorian 2 story, but I can't get completely dependent on it until we get a price range. I'm just very excited with the idea of buying a house finally. I'd like to not feel guilty everytime we put a nail in the wall.

I'm also preparing for a big TS party I have coming up on the 15th. I'm also throwing a "virtual party" as some of you are aware of. We'll see if I get anything decent out of it. If not, it just gives a lot of people the opportunity to check out the website and what we have to offer. I think my favorite thing about selling Tastefully Simple is the reaction I get when people finally try the food and rave to me about it. That makes it worth it.

Now I get to go prepare for my radio show tonight. It's really weird only doing it every other week. I would like to do it more often, but I am happy to do it when I can.


Well I tuned in. I just got home and when I realized it was Friday, I hurried and caught the last three songs. I love how you picked the U2 song that was live in Honululu...like you even needed to explain yourself...haha!!

No headphones here...laptop on loud and proud. Robert's enjoying, too! :)