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Shooting in SLC tonight.


The Trib likes to kill the links when they have new reports, so I apologize if theyre not available. If not, go to the homepage and check it out.

I don't know if any of you have seen this yet or not. There was a shooting in SLC tonight, at Trolley Square. Around 8, my dad called me to fill me in. Basically, some guy went into the mall and started shooting people for no reason. This is really scary alone. The hardest part for me to handle tonight is the fact that I worked there and this happened in the vicinity of the new age store I spent a good year in (this was not the store I got robbed in at gunpoint, it was the sister store in Sugarhouse for those that know the area). It's sad and it's scary and I want to stay up just to read more details. I am incredibly sad that this has happened.

This sort of takes my good news I got today and kicks it in the head. I can't stop thinking about how something like this could happen.
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