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Crazy news, birthday news, bad news, and the good news.

I still can't get over that mess at Trolley Square. And what in the heck is with an 18 yr old in a trenchcoat shooting the place up? That is so 1999. It makes me wonder if the LDS will start blaming Marilyn Manson and violent video games for him shooting up Trolley Square. I wonder what the fate of the mall is now. I wonder if they will tear it down or keep it open. It's historic and old, I would hate for them to tear it down. But I can see it hard to be sitting down eating a plate of spaghetti at the Old Spaghetti Factory and not think someone died right outside the resturant. I guess it's just my turn for something to hit a little too close to home. I was telling Keith last night, there are plenty of places I could see this happening in SLC, but it's not a violent town (I guess it comes from the company) but not in that part of the city. It was a yuppy bit of town, with very pricey stores. But I guess when someone gets a case of the crazies, they will do whatever it takes. They are releasing the names at noon. I will be waiting. I called the few people I was worried about and they are all okay, but you never know.

My birthday party this weekend was fun. We went to Applebee's and I kind of ignored my diet for one meal. I finally tried the Tyler Florence brick chicken I have been eyeing and it wasn't bad pointwise at all. They had the waiters sing to me. That was not enjoyable. I didn't appreciate. And they brought me a sundae, but it was ice cream soup, lol. Then we went to bowl, which wasn't my first choice, but I didn't care what we did. I can't bowl. Like I embarass myself. I've never been taught so I sort of look at everyone else and improvise. When I was a kid, I was on a league and got a "you suck hardest of anyone in the league" trophy lol. I am not good. I got stomped and it wasn't pretty.

Then I had a bit of a rough spot. It has to deal with the Tastefully Simple stuff and it's not important really. I'm a bit intimidated right now and feeling disappointed in myself. But it will get easier. Hopefully someone will order with my virtual party, or else that will be a bomb like everything else I seem to be doing lately.

Yesterday I talked to the financial advisor. We prequalify!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I found out our credit is a lot better than we thought and if it wasnt for our capital one cards screwing us over, we'd be much higher. I'm so glad we closed Keith's, I just wish we could close mine. My credit score is a bit higher than Keiths, but unfortunately, they won't go by me because I don't have employment history. Basically, we have to show proof of income (His VA cert letter or a paystub from his job) in Utah and we will qualify. I am wanting to get a job as a barista, but it won't matter because they aren't going with me. Sure, my income will help, but Keith's income is the one that matters (not to mention in Utah, theyre used to men working and the womens staying home, Mormons being all old fashioned and all. Too bad Im not planning on doing this forever). So we're working on building his resume' so we can start sending it out to get him a job. Hell even McDonald's long enough to get a stub would help us. We qualify for at least 100,000 which really isn't much in the real world, but it will get us a starter home to live in and get through schoolin'. Then we will move on to bigger and better things (and houses, har har).

I think that's about all that is going on, other than the 3-15 date coming up on us real soon. Im freaking out like I did the last time I was pretty powerless in our move. I just love seeing how many new and interesting ways the military is screwing us over every day. But it will all be over will sooner than later and we'll be wondering what in the hell just happened to us.
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