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ponytail girl

June 2010

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ponytail girl

more bedrest boredom. red cross sucks for delivering messages. Not a life threatening situation, but I would like them to inform my husband of my medical standing. I am trying to be patient, but Im not good at that. Not that I think they are going to send him home. I know they won't. But it still would be good. Sort of testing the system, and the system sucks.

*note to self* refill prenatals.

Still bored and bed ridden. My dad bought me a PS2 game (Simpsons Skateboarding) so I've been sewing and playing. Tonight was wonderful, an hour and a half of Will and Grace. What is not to love!! Im a sap, I cried. Will and Grace remind me so much of me and my best friend Bobby out in Salt Lake who I dont see often. Im his hag :)


That was like the the second time I watched Will and Grace and I even cried. haha.

How sweet of your daddy to bring you stuff. haha. Stay in bed!! *hugs*
enjoy youe PS2 game!! I wanted Harry Potter for PS1 but when Mike came home he reconfiscated his play station to take to bragg :(
wha??? am i outside again???

LMAO! i love Karen. I wish everyday where Tuesday....I so cried at that.
I wish that everyday were thursday. friends AND will & Grace.

hee hee.