I'm just a boring example of everybody else (the_tina) wrote,
I'm just a boring example of everybody else

the story--without TMI :)

the daya fter my doctor's appointment, i started having contractions i couldnt talk through every 5-7 minutes. my dad took me into the clinic and the doctor checked me out. I was 4cm and totally effaced. My doc told me to check into the hospital for observation and more bed rest "just in case". He sent me over around 4PM. I called the Red Cross to get Keith on his way.

When I arrived at the hospital, they checked me out again and I was 6cm in that short ride. We all knew the baby was coming, like it or not. So they put an IV in me. I was really scared of this idea. They tried my right wrist. Didnt work. Tried my right. Popped the vein. Went and finally got it in my hand on my right side. Dang bad veins I have. Since they finally decided the baby was going to make an apperance, they moved me into a nice birthing suite. (I was 8cm at this time) This was about 10PM. I found out Keith had a ticket for a plane at 11 in the morning. We wished the babywould have waited, but there was no way. They gave me lots of demerol for the pain because I was scared of getting an epidural. Finally, my doctor had to break my water. It was the only thing in the way. But the baby wouldn't drop. I was getting into some good pain. So I went for the epidural. It wasn't so bad since my contractions were so close and painful. My doctor discovered he hadnt broken my water all the way (not sure how) so he acomplished that. And then the pushing started.

I pushed for 2 and a half hours. I remember looking at the clock and thinking how exausted I was. Every contraction I had, the baby's heart beat would slow down. So they put me on Oxygen. I got REALLY loopy then. My mom said I looked all purple so I laughed about looking like dino the dinosaur in my mask. My sister said I was so nice they should give me an epidural every day. Finally, my doctor got frustrated with the hours of pushing and decided to get out the vacuum. I used to be against this, but let me tell you how your mind changes with exaustion. I couldnt feel much of what was going on, but I was told to push. So I closed my eyes and had the weirdest sensation when the baby came out. Only, I didnt realize the baby came out until the doctor plopped him on my lap. I looked down and realized he was out. I was in shock. They wisked him away to make sure he was okay. He was just fine.

I sat there with tears in my eyes just watching them work on him. It still didnt hit me that he was my son.

The next day Keith came in about 5. He brought me a rose and a texas beanie bear. He cried when he saw Elijah and kept thanking me for his Christmas present. He was so sad he missed the delivery, but we both agreed there will be more. (And he looked great in his uniform. I swooned. heehee)

They sent me home on Thanksgiving. I was pretty exausted, but we wanted to be home for dinner. I had a rough night and didnt sleep much. Elijah hadnt caught on to nursing, and I was having to finger feed him. He just didnt seem to be doing well.

I went to get him weighed in the next day. He had dropped a half a lb and was extrememly jaundiced. So my pediatrician sent us back to the hospital to NICU. His Bili count was 19. Borderline being bad. They kept us there until today and released us. While we were there, Keith bought Elijah a beanie birthday baby and bought me a statue that looked like Freya (my cat I left in Florida) and beautiful vase with 2 roses. He left yesterday at 1 and I was sad. But he's going to be here in 18 (almost 17) days so I cant complain too much. I can't wait for him to be back.

Friday night I realized that Elijah is mine. I cried for hours as the realization set in that I was pregnant and this is my baby. Seemed to surreal and short. But now he's here and he's beautiful. I love to watch his eyes. The wonder he looks at me. He is just as perfect as his daddy. It's amazing how having children makes you fall more in love with your spouse. I don't think Keith and I have ever been happier. Elijah is going to help me with these next four months. Then we will all be together.

I am so blessed... the world's perfect husband, and the perfect son. Yes I am biased. But I am, for once, really really truely happy.
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