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ponytail girl

June 2010

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ponytail girl

Elijah passed his hearing screening!! We didnt have to be admidted into the hospital, but he did have to get blood work done. He's got a clean bill of health. He's eating really well now. He woke me up every hour last night whimpering. He doesnt full on cry, but he makes enough noise to wake me up. Obviously I didnt get much sleep in the night, but he decided I needed to wake him up every 3 hours this morning. So I slept until 4. Im a lousy bum, but now I have an excuse.

Keith and I have been writing entertaining emails back and forth. It's so nice for him to have access to the computer again. He's using his LJ account t_ledon if anyone wants to read. He has no friends... lol I am lovin my life :)


All my friends are wearing green now sweatheart. I have difficulties understanding civilians now that i am a brainwashed Army drone!!!!!!


*rolls eyes*

If I hear one more word about those "civilians" I am going to smack you. Dumbass. *G*


Hay sweatheart,

Its 2234 here, and its quiet again. My most hated time. I saw the photos and i read your post. Wow, brought tears to my eyes. I thank the powers that be everyday for the wonders that fate has bestoyed upon me. Never in my wildest dreams did i think i could have come this far. With you and with my own successes. Hell, i a little over a week, i will be nationally regestered as an EMT-B. The pay sucks for this, but the job requirements are a lot higher than say a construction workers labor or a salesman for some retail store. Trained to save lives. My insperation to do all this, and remain focused when i wanted to quit, was you. Love, you have pulled me through so much and you don't even know. There were times at basic, mostly while i was being smoked with the platoon, that i wondered what the hell i was doing in Fort Jackson, let alone the Army. We're talking about me here. A year ago today, i was planning for this major alcohol party i had new years eve. And now, look at me. I've completely suprised every last one of my relatives. None of them thought i would turn around the way i did. You came back into my life. With the first hello you gave me in my sisters drive, i knew that i could never stop feeling for you the way that i do. And it grows with every passing moment. With every obsticle that stands between you and i, with every moment we spend apart, my heart only longs to feel your touch, my mind calls to hear the comfort of your voice, and my arms yearns for your tender embrace. Time away from you has made me appreciate the things i have, and the things i went without for so long. I just hope i can make it as the husband you deserve, and the sound father that elijah will need to survive anmd grow and learn in this cruel and evil world. I just wan to make you happy above all. This has always been what i have wanted, secretely in the depths of my soul it was your name called out over the distances of time and space. The shadows of darkness could not shroud me from your light still, for you light and love shone through all like the radiance of a thousand suns. You are the lighthouse that brought me safely into the harbor of your love, through the raging seas i have traveled upon for what seems an eternity that i have been away from you. Now, having you, i would travel over time and space, throughout the expances of the voids to find your heart. No time is unwaitable, no space untravelable to be with you. My souls only desire is to see eternity with you. I am thankful for you every day, my love, my life, my friend, and my wife. with out a shadow of a doubt, i know through and through, that you complete me love.

all my love, all my life

your ever faithful husband,

Hey now, the Army doesn't want drones. We want soldiers who can think!


it wasn't meant literally, its an ongoing joke tht i have had going on with tina since i enlisted
I know, I was just making a joke too :P