I'm just a boring example of everybody else (the_tina) wrote,
I'm just a boring example of everybody else

  • 09:56 At my sisters graduation. Someone was wearing euphoria and now I have a migraine. Hate. #
  • 10:20 There is this cute prego girl I pointed out to my grandma. She said I should go punch her for being too cute. Love her! #
  • 10:39 Playing the your team with my grandma. #
  • 10:45 My sister is graduating in 5 year old hippy looking airwalk flip flops. Pissed my other grandma off LOL #
  • 12:15 Going to the greenery for Mormon muffins. Good, I'm starving LOL #
  • 12:26 @riyaan tasty, delicious, and comes with your own planet! #
  • 19:51 @malkavscell sheep flu ftw! Spread that like the herp! :) #
  • 19:54 @malkavscell wait what? Was making a joke :) #
  • 23:31 just got done watching PS I love you and was pissed because it didn't make me cry as much as I was hoping for. Emotastic. #
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