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ponytail girl

June 2010

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ponytail girl

I have new icons! Yea! I love ChrisTina, she's always good for making me icons. (Shoot, I think I've known her the longest of anyone on my friends list. She's been around reading my crap for a LONG time. hahah)

The wee kiwi wanted to take another picture to remind daddy of what he is coming home to: (bath pictures and a really scary picture of me. I look really fat! Last one was just taken today)


silly mom, you don't look fat! =P


aww, thanks hun. That t-shirt is just an incredibly unflattering one. Im wearing it right now in fact. One of those old beat up huge shirts you just love. *g*

Looking at those pictures makes me want a baby. or at least borrow someone's for a night or two, hehe.
Thank you for the announcement, I was happy to come home and find it waiting for me =) I am looking forward to getting your Xmas cards =)
Aww whatta cute baby :)

We need more pictures of mommy though :)
I love pictures #2 and 4..

#2 says.. "Moooommmmmy...I made a pooooopieeeee." *evil grin*
#4 says..."Lalalala I can't hear you!!"

I love babies...baby fever is at an all time high looking at these pics!!

(PS you aren't fat!!)


this is going to be the longest 8 months of my life!!!! At least I have pictures of Elijah to keep me pacified till mine gets here!!!!
OH, and my favorite old junkie t-shirt is an old NIKE one with a swoosh across the ass of it. lol, nothing like directing attention to my already huge ass! hahaha!
hmmmmmm you JUST had a baby so therefore you can NOT be considered fat. I on the other hand having had my LAST baby 3 years ago CAN be considered fat. So hush up your a cutie and the lil kiwi is gorgeous!
What a handsome little Prynce you have there!


you don't look fat,but you look like a very proud mommy! I hope you had a great Christmas and hope you have a great New Year too. Best wishes to you and your family..