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ponytail girl

June 2010

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ponytail girl

Music Post

I forgot to rant about the CD I bought and how I accidently bought the edited version. When the cuss words are sung, they are not merely blanked out. There is a vulgar BEEEEEEP through each one. And I can't take it back. I should give it away, but I don't like the songs they swear in anyways. Stupid edited CDs.

Something is really wrong with me. I like the new Christina Agulera video. I think I may be taking too many (legal) drugs.

I can't find a copy of Praga Khan anywhere but Amazon.com. And I CANNOT find a copy of Group X ANYWHERE! Anyone want to make me cds? I can give you a list. Why do I enjoy such obscure music at times? *sigh*



that is freaking hilarious and so damn true. Thanks for that entertainment. *G*
most places if you explain that you didn't realize it was edited will take it back..I know we do at walmart..and if they say no..throw a big giant fit until you get what you want..TRUST me- three years in customer service has taught me the tricks of the trade!

Send it

Send me that list of obscure music. I'll see what i can do.

Re: Send it

1. Breakfast In Vegas
2. Visions & Imaginations
3. Isolation
4. Adult Entertainment
5. Far Beyond The Sun
6. Lonely
7. What's Wrong With Me
8. Supersonic Lovetoy
9. Lady Alcohol
10. Bored Out Of My Mind
11. Begin To Move
12. One Foot In The Grave

Anything group X, which is extremely obscure and hard to find. Im not even sure what any of the songs are called, I just know Trav had the CD and I listened to it with him. They're pretty damn perverted.

xtc - dear god
Jack off Jill - Angel Fuck, my cat, Poor Impulse Control (Poor impulse control is the best of the 3 if that is all you can find)
Massive Attack - Angel
and if you feel like it, throw some Tricky in for fun.

We'll call it a Christmas present. *G*

Love ya sweetie

Keith says Hi!!!

Re: Send it

-gasp- I LOVE JACK OFF JILL- ALOT! heheh :)

found 'em

I found most of whats on the list, I just need to download it all :). Jack off Jill, I found a bunch of them. If you want more than the 3 i can get more. Group X, got a bunch of them too. They are funny. Got some Tricky. I'm still looking.

Re: found 'em

sounds good!! Just let me know. I would love anything on that list.