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ponytail girl

June 2010

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ponytail girl

babies are good for making sure you're up at the butt-crack of dawn. I was up at 6 to feed and make bottles. Then I jumped on here to waste some time. Im contemplating doing some Tai Bo or going to bed. Eli is sleeping, and I don't want to waste the sleep time so Im tempted. I'll just do the Tai Bo later this morning.

Bought my ticket yesterday. I leave afternoon of the 18th. As of now, Eli is riding on my lap because we can't afford another plane ticket. But Im seriously thinking about taking money out of savings to get him his own seat. I know how long the flight is, and having a baby on my lap for that long would be really painful. It's going to be rough traveling with him. At least it's only one day and worth it. I still have so much to get packed up and stored to start getting prepared.


I know how you feel when they just leave, it's pretty hard because just when you get used to having them around all the time again, then they have to leave again! It must be especially hard with a baby included! Today I leave from TX and go back home and so I will be feeling the same feeling you are very soon! :/ hehe good luck moving :)
How old is your adorable baby?


he's about a month and a half. He'll be 2 months on the 27th


He is sooooo sweet!! I wish my son was still that small. He is 16 months now, he is still sweet but he walks and is trying to talk so I can't just hold him anymore.

Best wishes to you and you family! New babies are great!