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ponytail girl

June 2010

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ponytail girl

I had a dream last night (nightmare) that they called me to send Keith into war. I know when he signed up this was a chance I would have to take. But now with everything on the news, it seems to take a greater reality. Right now he is training until March 15, and once in Hawaii, we've been told the chances of him shipping are slim and none, but there is still that chance. And Im scared to death. I think about all my friends whos SO have been shipped. It's not fair for any of us... but it must be done.

*Big hugs to those alone at this point*


I know exactly what you're saying hon. Sean just got his permanent duty station orders to go to his unit ... or whatever. But everytime I say to someone that he's in the army, they're like, "Ohhh... he's going to war then?" and I cover my ears and sing loudly and walk away. I don't watch the news. His older step-brother is in Afghanistan right now, he's been there for quite a while, but he should be home next month. He got married just before he left. I can't imagine how she feels.

-hugs- They can't take our boys away.
if i were a religious kind i'd send prayers, instead i'll send *hugs*. Maybe there won't be a war for him to go to...