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ponytail girl

June 2010

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ponytail girl

I have nothing important to say. Just felt the need to write in my journal. Once again I make the journey between Tampa and Utah. I've made this trip too many times for my health. Everytime Im running away from something. Everytime I lose more and more friends. I know I will be back in Utah eventually, seeing as my parents live here, but I know I may lose my 2 best friends out here. I've pretty much lost contact with everyone in Utah. In Tampa, I have 2 people I know I will see at some point. I gueess Im at the time in my life were all that matters is family.

I hate laundry. Once again, I need to remind you of that. Laundry is no good. I have 3 massive loads to do. ick ick ick.

I set my mom up a new account for LJ last night. Seems like I have got huge amounts of people addicted to LJ now... Miah, my sister, my cousin, Keith, Jason, Brandun (even though he never goes on any more), someone I used to call a friend (who only used it to talk trash), Laurie, Galen, now my mom. It's my fault for your addictions, heeehee.


I'd give anything to have only 3 loads of laundry. Alas due to my malfunctioning washer and now dryer I have what seems like 15 billion loads. Wanna trade? LOL
you may think youre losing friends....i cant say if that is true or not, but ill tell you this, you havent lost me...im honored to have known you. sure, we have had our rough times and i think i was just flaking out most of it but my head is clear now and i feel better knowing i have a good friend somewhere out there. its not the quanity of friends you have, its the quality. having many friends is great but if you have one true friend then you are in deed blessed. its not the greatest going away present but just remember that little bit of advice.

ps: thank you for getting me into LJ, its nice having a place i can just get my thoughts out and share my feelings.


it's hard because I feel so abandoned anymore. A lot of people I just don't trust after all that has happened in the past year. I don't really care about having a massive amount of friends. The few I have, are friends for life.


Don't worry Tina...You will always have your little sister Jess. I will always be there for you whenever you need me and if you need someone to talk to besides baldy. hehehehe. Make sure you write me in basic though cause I have no boy toy that will. heheheh lata

Re: :)

*lol* You just make sure you call me before you go stupid. And family doesnt count... I didnt get to pick you. Heehee