I'm just a boring example of everybody else (the_tina) wrote,
I'm just a boring example of everybody else

I leave today at 2:45. I have to leave my house about 11AM. I will get into Tampa at 12:30 their time. In other words, I am going to be tired. I will try and post, but no promises. Im already exausted as it is.

Russ came over tonight to return some DVDs, drop off my bday gift, and say goodbye. He burned me a CD with a ton of good songs on it. Guess he stayed up all night working on it. It worked once in the CD player downstairs. Now it wont play on my DVD player, a CD player, the CD player downstairs again, and now a computer up here (Ghetto puter has no CD drive). Im peeved because I have no idea what all is on it. Annyone know why it wouldnt be working?

Im exausted, but Im trying to get a load of laundry done so I can get to bed. So I may be here a while.

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    20:26 @ docholiday59 HI MOMS! # Automatically shipped by LoudTwitter

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    14:47 @ riyann to this day skeksis still give me nightmares. True story. # Automatically shipped by LoudTwitter

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    09:35 Waiting at the social security office. So bored. # Automatically shipped by LoudTwitter

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