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ponytail girl

June 2010

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ponytail girl

So Jacque finally got me out and forced me to be agirl, and Keith is so proud. I got my first pedicure today. It was also the first time I was actually out for any period of time without Elijah. It was an interesting experiance to say the least. My stupid feet. I hate them *lol*

I baked a leftover Xmas cake for the party tomorrow. it has red and green sprinkles in it. Im a freaking betty crocker now. I'd whoop Martha Stewart though. :)


Screw Martha Stewart! We want the Pryncess!!!
damn skippy.
Ahhh. Pedicures are awesome!
i know ive told you, but i just hate people around my feet. espec someon whocant understand me and Im sure is making fun of me in a foriegn language. Heehee.
Well I dunno about pedicures, but I like manicures. :) When my mom was in beauty college, I used to go there on weekends and after school and the other girls there would practice their facials and manicures on me. Woohoo, free pampering! :)

Mike & I got your pictures today.. thanks! They look good! I told Mike I can't look at Keith though..he's almost the spitting image of my ex boyfriend.. *chuckle* (Though, better looking!)
oh no!! well, i promise he's only lived in florida and ive whooped his assthe whole time. your ex had a nasty receeding hairline, too? heehee :)


*laugh* actually, yes..he did..lol
Keith may not look like him on a normal basis, but his expression in the picture you sent us, I think he does. Here's Josh:

aww, you can cook toast. You'll just have to make me dinner sometime, you 5-star chef you. Heehee

glad you enjoyed. Now you have something to throw darts at. :)