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ponytail girl

June 2010

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ponytail girl

Happy bday knicole1979. I don't have your address, otherwise I would have sent a card or something. If you would still like one, email me your address sometime :)

Speaking of Bdays please follow this link I stole from Danielle. Heehee. Please enter your birthdays for me: http://www.BirthdayAlarm.com/dob/4247277a3146580b362 And rememeber, Amy angelpez and I have our birthday in 12 days.

And once again, the bucs are playing. Keith, Elijah and I all have our buc shirts on. Do all of you have Bucs memorabilia on? You better. :) Even if the bucs dont win, I wont be heartbroken. But the fair-weather fans out here will be disappointed. Putting stickers on their cars and all. Silly people. What a fun time to be back in Tampa. To cheer my fav professional team through the superbowl. :)

Eli is sleeping and hurting my arm, so Im going to lay him down. Ya'll better be having good days!! :)


haha. you have a whole countdown going. i don't even care this year, 22 is nothing! :(
Thanks!!! No card is required! :) It was nice just being thought of!! :-D


youre welcome!! i love to send out stuff, knowing how i love to recieve :)
well, my email is the same as my screen name, so if you want to give me yours I'll *try* and get something out! lol :) I too love to get things in the mail. email me and I'll return my addy to you! :)