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ponytail girl

June 2010

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ponytail girl

And the insanity insues...

So last night, people were honking their horns all night. We didnt leave the house today. Instead, we stayed home and watched movies/soaps (I dont watch crappy soaps. we do the old-school Dynasty and Knots Landing). Mom E even watched Margaret Cho with me and LOVED it. The bucs flew in tonight and they opened Flamin' James stadium for everyone to greet them. The funniest part was the memo that kept coming across the screen about running Joe Millionare in it's entirity for those people (ME!) who wanted to watch it more than watching the boys come home witha trophy.

So I won something on Ebay a few days ago, but Wachovia is being retarded again, and won't use my card on PayPal. You will be happy to know, I am going into a Wachovia on Thursday to raise hell. If they don't make me happy, I will be closing out the account. I'm so finshed with them, long distance. Maybe having a branch here will be helpful until Keith gets home and we open a new account. So what I am asking is, does anyone have a paypal account I can "borrow" and they can pay for my things? I will send out the check tomorrow. I just hate using checks on Ebay because they take longer to clear. I PROMISE I have the money, it's Wachovia, AGAIN. The check would be in the mail tomorrow. *Cute grin* anyone trust me enough heehee

So Mojo is finally gone. But now I can't stand Melissa. I really want Zora to win. She's been my fav since the first episode with the dresses. Joe Millionare rocks. Did anyone see Bridezilla? I missed it due to Bucs coverage. Update me please.


Hey, i watch Joe Millionaire too! I was so surprised that Evan didnt pick MoJo considering how "hot" he thinks she is. shes really bugged me throughout the show, but i kind of thought differently about her tonight. she seems like such an ambitious go-getter, it makes me jealous. I dont think Evan is really her type though. I think Evan is a barbarian and i was glad to see MoJo leave just because i dont think Evan deserves a nice lady like her. Melissa is soo irritating. she is such a kvetch and it is so obvious that she is a gold digger. can she quit playing with her afro hair for one freaking minute?! the other blonde seems like a gold digger too (and a slut to boot. what was all that slurping?). Zora seems to be the only nice girl, and i really hope that evan does not pick her. she deserves much much better. and Bridezillas was soooo soooo stupid. it was just about a bunch of elite manhattan brides that spent shitloads of money on their shitty weddings while treating their hubbys-to-be like shit. you didnt miss anything. anyways, thats my 2 cents. can you tell i dont have a life?


OMG. we were laughing sooo hard about the slurping. I still couldn't believe they all ended up in the hottub. I totally predicted it, but I can't believe that they actually went though with it. Evan? A barbarian? lol. He reminds me of Keith. Granted, Keith is an extreme romantic, but they have a lot in common. Whatcha wanna bet Evan has the cash, he just wants to see who will like him. Shoot, 18,000 a year is like 7.50 an hour. (I know, I made 6.50 and made about 15000 a year). Construction workers are worth more than that. I'm hoping that he does pick Zora, cuz she is the only one that wouldn't care about the money.

See, that's why we're family. We both don't have lives and watch trash on TV. I wouldnt be shocked if Grimmy watched too.
I have a pay pal account but alas no money in it or I would say use away. Have you thought about getting a money order and just mailing the payment? I've had to do that a few times when my bank was being a shit. If it is something that can wait until Thursday I can help you out but until then I am tapped out.


I did, but it would be the same as a check. I dont mind sending a check, I was just seeing if I could find something more convienent. Whoo for payday this week! :) I've waited a few days more than I usually would and Im afraid to get a bad rating.. :( Oh wells, thank you though. :)
I liked Mojo better than those other two girls. They are hoe's and gold diggers that want to change him. lol. I really hope Zora wins..but then again I think she is too good for Evan. I don't like him more and more as this show progresses.

That bridezilla show...my god those women. *SMACK* lol.
OMG! Bridezillas was incredibly stupid! I wanted to beat the hell out of each and every one of them. They were spending like 50,000 to 100,000 on a freaking wedding!!!!! I mean, that kind of money will by you a nice house!!!! (okay, at least in this hell hole. lol) Somebody was looking at a $6000 dress!!! I was like, uh, I don't think we SPENT $6000 on our whole wedding!!!!! My dress was like $600 and my mom almost fainted at that!!! :) If I was marrying one of those bitches, ugh, I'd cancel the wedding!!!! I totally missed Joe last night. gggrrr. I think that Melissa (with the dark fro) and Evan should be together. I bet that if he doesn't have some money somewhere, that the show will give him a million or two. AFTER his choice of woman has said yes or no. hahaha, I can see it now, "No I will not, your a fraud" and then the host comes in and says, "ooohhh, thats too bad, Evan, here's two million dollars for playing along!!!" hahahahahaaa, that would be some funny ass shit!!!!